Conventional swimwear is made of virgin nylon and polyester. That’s plastic, which will not biodegrade and requires us to keep drilling for more and more petroleum. As off-shore drilling projects increase, we’ll just have less pristine oceans to enjoy. Did you know a quarter of fish tested in California were found to have plastic in their bodies? It’s true – what goes around comes around. So it’s time to at the least reduce our purchase of virgin plastic whenever possible.

While many of the following eco swimwear brands still use nylon and polyester, these plastic fibers are recycled from trashed fishnets and plastic bottles, meaning we’re not increasing demand for new plastic and are helping to give new life and value to what otherwise would just be trash.

First, look for bathing suits made with recycled fabric, either from fishing nets or plastic water bottles. Then, look at where the textile is printed, and where the bathing suit is sewn. You want to make sure it’s made ethically in a country with strong manufacturing protections.Check out our favorite eco-conscious and sexy, elegant, and stylish swimwear below.

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