The Best Sustainable Makeup Products to Try This 2024

The Best Sustainable Makeup Products to Try This 2024

Makeup plays a significant role in how we represent ourselves. Glowy, luminous complexion to smokey, dark eye looks. Whether you wear makeup as an everyday look or save for special occasions, it is vital to be knowledgeable about what your money is going to and how these products impact our environment. Each year, billions of units of trash composed of plastic and paper end up in landfills. Most of which can be traced back to the various beauty brands we use daily. Aside from these products being an environmental hazard, the ingredients play a major role in our health. Mica and various oils derived from synthetic sources over time, can affect you on the inside and out, as well as being sourced unethically by child labor throughout the globe. Both of which are commonly found in your favorite products. All of this is just a glimpse of how the beauty industry directly affects our planet, but what are we able to do to make better choices in terms of cosmetics? We have composed a list of not only top-rated sustainable products, but our consumers’ favorites. Mascara, glosses, and so much more to explore. Check out Verte Mode’s Eco-Friendly & Sustainable collection for more in demand products you must try!

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Brow Gel Clear

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Brow Gel Brown Black

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Brow Gel Blonde

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Brow Gel Medium Brown

Starting off strong with the Izzy beauty, Zero Waste Brow Gels. Eyebrows frame your face, which makes them one of the most important features. With what products you choose can directly affect your appearance. Available in shades black, brown, medium brown, blonde, and clear, this multi-purpose brow gel is an amazing addition to your makeup bag and a great on the go pick. Formulated with the mission to eliminate pollution of our environment, this brow gel offers a thickening effect while shaping and holding the hairs with each individual swipe. This product is clean and is refillable, perfect for zero waste lifestyles. Cruelty free vegan friendly and carbon neutral with little to minimal impact on our planet.
Like myself, mascara is an item that many of us cannot live without. Izzy Beauty has created their zero-waste mascara. Available in rich colors such as black and brown suitable for many different eye colors and preferences. Much in comparison to their eyebrow gel, this mascara is 0 waste with a plastic free component, making it premium for sustainability. This mascara provides the luscious lash look with dramatic volume effect that gives you all day comfort in knowing that you have the show stopping lashes.

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Mascara Black

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Mascara Brown

You can never truly go wrong with a classic lip balm. It's always in your purse or bag and ready for application. Therefore, why compromise and fall far from a sustainable for option? Blue Heron’s line of Botanicals Herbal Lip Therapy Balms. Available in a transparent hue to a sheer rich red tint, this will easily become one of your top picks for every day. Blue Heron has created a nourishing blend of rich botanical oils that naturally moisturize the lips while providing long lasting hydration for hours after application. The packaging is 100% PCW recycled paper packaging. Aroma therapeutic flavor USDA certified organic and more products in comparison to competitors, this lippie is a must-have.

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Cheek + Lip Hue Flushed Pink

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Highlighter Afterglow

Naturally flushed and gorgeously glowing skin. Izzy Beauty has created their zero-waste highlight and cheek tints. Zero Waste Beauty Zero Waste cheek stick in shade flushed pink and their Zero Waste Highlighter in shade after glow. The cheek tent is a multi-use lip and cheek product that provides a rosy natural looking flush while adding intense hydration that is long lasting. This cheek hue has a creamy gel like texture that quickly melts into the skin and leaves behind a soft flush of barely their color that is buildable for intensity. The highlighter and afterglow is a lightweight and sustainable liquid illuminator that can be worn completely alone under or over your favorite complexion product. The application provides for a smooth and easily blend able delivery while providing luminosity. These two will create a beautiful duo to give you the skin of your dreams.

Blue Heron- Botanicals Herbal Lip Therapy

Blue Heron- Botanicals Tinted Lip Therapy

Blue Heron- Botanicals Vegan Lip Therapy

Those who opt for lip balms that offer intense hydration, we have the pick for you! Blue Heron's Botanicals Herbal Lip Therapy offer the hydration while maintaining sustainability. Available in both clear and tinted shades, the component is formulated with 100% PCW recycled paper package. This certifies sustainability so you do not have to worry. The subtle scents offer a relaxing effect while earth sourced ingredients nourish to lips for all day comfort.  

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Lip Gloss Damage Control

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Lip Gloss Neutral Gold

Izzy Beauty- Zero Waste Glossy Lip Butter

Final on our list of must haves are the Izzy beauty lip glosses. Two different formulations that offer beautiful finishes for a wide array of beauty consumers. The zero-waste lip gloss in shade neutral and damage control are two varying shades that you are bound to love. Indulge your lips with this shiny and sustainable gloss. The formulation is packed with nourishing and protective ingredients that work well after initial application. Hydrating squalene and anti-aging vitamin E work together to provide a barrier on the lips. Sweet vanilla and minty peppermint oil deliver antioxidants positives and provide an indulging flavor that you will be addicted to. The gloss finishes off with a vivid twinkle that provides the look of healthy, plumped lips.
What you place on your skin direct effects your overall health. By following a sustainable and clean makeup regime, you will improve your routine for the better this 2024!

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The Best Sustainable Makeup Products to Try This 2024

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