As a Technerd parent, I love apps that will make my life a little easier. Yes, the apps that keep the kids stop from throwing a fit while we’re out to dinner, but I also need an app that will make my kid hear me when I’m speaking to her. As far as I know, that hasn’t been invented yet, but we’ll get there.

1. ChoreMonster is an app for the parent who has watched their child flop into a limp mass of hysteria on the floor when asked to pick up their room — which is all of us. This app lets parents make a list of chores for their kids and keep track of them, and the kids have a separate log-in to see the chores, check them off, and earn points. You can even add rewards that your kids can “purchase” with their points after they have accumulated a certain amount. No more nagging, and kids will think it’s fun to log in and record what they’ve done.



2. Talkspace will connect you with a licensed therapist. Moms and dads often struggle their way through parenting — suffering alone with things like postpartum depression and self-doubt. Talking to a therapist is always helpful, and this app will help connect you with one from the privacy of your own home.



3. Yummly lets you scroll through recipes, click on the ones you want to cook that week, and then organize the ingredients into a grocery list. Even if you still order pizza, at least you’ll feel a little more on top of dinner with this handy app on your phone. Then, when you do feel like heading to the grocery store, your list is right there waiting for you.



4. Artkive is for parents like me who feel like their kids’ artwork is covering every surface of their home, yet they feel so much guilt if their preschooler catches them tossing it. That’s where Artkive comes in. It stores all those cute drawings for you and will help you assign the artwork to the child it belongs to and add the date. And the best part is, you can show your kid that their masterpiece is saved forever and ever if you ever get caught throwing it out.



5. Baby Feeding Log helps you track everything about feeding your baby since most moms are in a sleep-deprived fog after birth. This app is pretty simple, but it will help you remember when the last feeding was, and if you’re nursing, you can keep track of which boob you fed your baby on last. No more squeezing your boobs in public to try to figure it out (but if you have to, we won’t judge).



6. Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame helps parents teach social skills to their kids. It looks like a fun app for kids, but if you’ve got a toddler who is out of control with their emotions, it is the perfect way to make learning about social skills fun. The app includes activities to help them problem-solve, control emotions through breathing, and learn the importance of staying on task.

7. PBS Play & Learn is a great teaching app.As opposed to the many mindless things kids do on phones or tablets, this free app teaches new skills and vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

8. RedRover helps you find kid-friendly fun while on the go. It’s currently available in NYC, Boston, Atlanta, and the San Francisco Bay Area (more cities coming soon). Get the free app here.

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