Plastic Free Kitchen

As you find ways to declutter and simplify your home, keep in mind that knowing what your possessions are made of is just as important as being in touch with how they make you feel.

Chances are, you’ve been hearing about the problems we face with plastics today. Not only are they made from non-renewable fossil fuels that can leach toxins into our food and water, but they are also being recycled less and less, which means most are ending up in our landfills.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to avoid bringing plastic into your home to begin with. It’s easy to have a plastic-free kitchen than you think. Now, ready to get started?

Cutting boards. Plastic cutting boards are great for their durability, but these bamboo ones are even better! They’re durable as well as beautiful so they can double as serving boards.

Spatulas, serving spoons, tongs… Bambu is your one-stop-shop for any kitchen utensils you might need!

To wrap up food without using plastic wrap, we recommend using beeswax paper. Made of beeswax and tree resin and hemp, this breathable wrap can be reused and is biodegradable.

Bowls. Nesting bowls are kitchen necessities, and these glass ones are perfect for any kitchen.

If you store liquids in a mason jar, then this spout from W & P Designs is great for pouring them out!

For all your fruit transportation needs, try out these produce bags from EcoBags or this multi-pack made from organic cotton by Earth Junky

Silicone Reusable Food Bag These reusable silicone bags are super popular on Amazon, but you can also find them in the aisles of Target and Whole Foods.

Reusable grocery bags. There are plenty of great ones out there, and most large department stores are already selling them. We have major heart eyes for the bags from The Tote Project (which jsut came out with a new, larger version perfect for shopping!), 2nd Story Goods, and a few other brands.

Lunch Box | Bento Box, Eco-Life Home Design’s box lunch is a great eco-friendly accessory for everyday use. This box allows you to pack four individual foods at once—and keep them separate and organized as you do.

Stainless-steel lunch box from Moscow-Mix isn’t just sleek and stylish—it is also eco-friendly as well. This lunch box is filled with organized compartments so that you can keep your food separated as needed.

Paromi teas come in beautiful glass jars, and each tea bag is individually packaged in a biodegradable bag that provides maximum taste and maximum freshness.

What is the first product you’re going to buy for your kitchen?!

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