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Fayoum Fields Cushion - Blue

Fayoum Fields Cushion - Blue

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This piece is part of our Debut Quilts Collection. Soraya is a strong willed woman from a village named Khalta inside the Fayoum Oasis. She is fearless, outspoken and determined to become one of the first local female business owners Khalta has ever seen. Years ago a Swiss tailor met Soraya and taught her the craft of quilt making in hopes of starting a project in the village. Excited for his sister’s new venture, her brother invested a piece of land in Khalta to build the project’s headquarters on. However, the project was soon thwarted leaving Soraya with nothing but her strong will, a new skill, and a few bare walls erect in the desert which stood abandoned for years.

Today we are so proud to announce our first completely women-made collection, a line of hand stitched patchwork quilts for infants and children. With this collection we aim to bring life back to the Khalta headquarters and create sustainable income for Soraya and her team of empowered women.


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