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Harper The Label

Folded Backpack

Folded Backpack

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The line was born from a search for a beautiful, simple, and thoughtfully designed bag that didn’t exist yet. Harper the Label owes more to painting and sculpture than it does to fashion trends. These pieces are intended to be modern heirlooms, worn and treasured season after season as the marks of the wearer’s use slowly appear. Every design choice is deliberate: we make decisions on how to simplify and reduce, rather than add and maximize. We reject the traditional fashion calendar in pursuit of a slower timeline that emphasizes quality and inspiration over newness.

The Folded Backpack has a distinctive folded silhouette not only sets it apart but also accommodates a 13" laptop seamlessly. Meticulously crafted, every aspect of this backpack has been carefully considered, from the spacious interior pocket for your phone to the coordinated leather zipper pull. Enjoy a personalized fit with the adjustable shoulder strap length. Crafted from unlined, chrome-free leather, this backpack boasts a smooth, matte finish, combining style with practicality for the modern explorer.

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