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Fortify Lapis Conditioner

Fortify Lapis Conditioner

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Conscia elevates the experience of hair care by focusing on holistic head wellness—not just hair but also scalp and mind.

Creating artful, sensual botanical products that combine ancient plant wisdom and modern science, using artisanal, natural, high-performance ingredients. Made without water or plastic. Preserving our health and our planet.

Offering new, mindful rituals for a more immersive, holistic experience. Connecting us to our roots—past, present and future.

Increases volume, texture, and movement with ingredients that smooth and shrink the cuticle, improve the structural integrity of your hair, and help it grow to its full potential.

Designed for: Fine, fragile, or aging hair 

Frequency of usage: Daily or with every wash

Hero Ingredient: Amino Acids and Date Fruit Ferment creates volume, texture, and movement in the hair.

Formulated with:

  • Papaya to condition limp strands
  • Babassu Oil to strengthen and improve elasticity
  • Vetiver to rejuvenate dull hair

Notes of grounding herbaceous woods:

  • Vetiver
  • Anise
  • Cedarwood

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