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Jasmine Dual Blue Gemstone Ring

Jasmine Dual Blue Gemstone Ring

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Inspired by the delicate yet powerful and timeliness aspects of the writing tool, Chloe built a business focused on lightweight, affordable quality accessories that never go out of style. Since the brand launch in 2019, Chloe leads an extensive research, design, testing and iteration processes with her team before each and every product release. When asked about how she finds inspiration, she replied “The ordinary can reveal quite magical occasions. I get inspiration from life. Every day is unique and meaningful, just like our community”.

Embrace the deep hues of the ocean with the Jasmine dual blue gemstone ring. Perfect as a stand-alone statement piece, this colorful gemstone ring features two CZ stones in different blue hues for an eclectic look. Made with 14-karat gold vermeil, this dainty gold ring is hypoallergenic and resists wear for simple, long-term shimmer.

-Blue CZ and Aqual CZ stones

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