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Live Like You Green It

Live Like You Green It Yuzu + Lemongrass Natural Deodorant

Live Like You Green It Yuzu + Lemongrass Natural Deodorant

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Live Like You Green It is a collection of vegan skincare products consciously formulated with the finest organic ingredients & environmentally safe packaging (glass, aluminum & paper). Each product is handcrafted with intention & style. LLYGI is a solo-female + Black-owned shop

We believe you deserve better deodorant. Thousands of happy customers agree that Live Like You Green It natural deodorant works!

Our deodorant cream applies like a dream with its smooth application and non-greasy feel. We've got your back with a special baking soda-free formula that keeps you protected, dry and odor-free all day long. It feels good to live natural; it feels great to Live Like You Green It!

We don’t sweat for harmful or toxic ingredients. Our deodorants are free of:
- Aluminum
- Baking Soda
- Parabens
- Plastic

Instead, our deodorants are made with simple, organic and vegan ingredients that nourish your skin and support your health:
- Organic Shea Butter
- Organic Shea Nut Oil
- Organic Arrowroot Powder
- Organic Essential Oils
- Candelilla Wax
- Magnesium Hydroxide (naturally occurring mineral)

Effective deodorant for women, men and kids. Pregnancy safe.
Choose your scent: Yuzu & Lemongrass is our most gender neutral, crowd pleasing scent.

What does it smell like?
After a long, dusky walk at the tail end of fall, coming home to a crackling fire and hot chocolate with the little floating marshmallows from your youth. Warm, inviting, sultry and cozily familiar.

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