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Mom Bomb

Made With Love Bath Salts w/300 mg CBD by Mom Bomb

Made With Love Bath Salts w/300 mg CBD by Mom Bomb

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Mom Bomb sells all-natural, vegan, made in the USA bath and shower products for men, women and children and donates 100% of the profits to families in crisis. We exist to help families relax, whether that be every day by using our calming, soothing products or during a crisis where our non-profit can step in and provide services for families in crisis.

Soak all your worries away with Made with Love Bath Salts with 300 mg CBD. It’s a perfect mix of juicy strawberry, sensual amber & blackcurrant, enriched with our patented CBD blend. Sprinkle it in your warm bath, soak in it, and let your pores open for maximum absorption of the natural ingredients and CBD. The result? A bath experience that can rival the toughest of days.


Made from the highest quality ingredients, our CBD-infused champagne bath salts will soothe your aches and relax your senses while you bathe. These bath salts will also help you achieve beautiful, smooth & ultra-hydrated skin. Don’t have much time for a full warm bath? You’re free to use our CBD bath salts for your daily shower scrub or quick foot soak. 

Enjoy Made With Love CBD Bath Salts in Multiple Ways. 

Whether you prefer soaking in a long, warm bath or taking a shower for a quick scrub, you will love our CBD bath salts! Here are the three ways to enjoy this incredible product

Shop Made With Love Bath Salts with 300 mg CBD Today.

Want to start taking better care of yourself? Get a good soak in a warm bath infused with CBD bath salts. You can also use this amazing product for your daily shower scrub or weekly foot soak session. No matter how you use it, you can expect an incredible experience that elevates your self-care ritual and rewards you with a relaxing session. Plus, when you buy our CBD bath salts, you also get to help mothers and families in crisis across the US. 

 Isn’t that a good deal? So what are you waiting for? Buy our CBD bath salts today. 



Add ¼ to ½ cup of our bath salts with CBD in your running bathwater. Then, get in and soak your worries away for 20 minutes! Have fun and enjoy the spa-like experience at home. 


Elevate your daily shower scrub by adding a handful of bath salt to a tablespoon of your shower gel. The combination will exfoliate & soften your skin while relaxing your senses. 

Foot Soak:

Mix a cup of CBD-infused bath salts with warm water in your foot bath. Then, soak your feet for ten minutes. Relax your mind and let the heat & CBD soothe your aches and soften your skin. 


Unlike CBD oil or tincture, The patented CBD formulation in our bath salts are absorbed more quickly through your pores. That makes it easy for your body to reap CBD’s health benefits immediately, which include:

  • Immediate pain relief: Do you have recurring back pain or muscle spasms? Soak in a CBD bath, and all your pain will go away. Packed with 300mg of CBD, our bath salts will engage with your body’s cannabinoid receptors to regulate or soothe your pain. 
  • Reduced inflammation: A warm bath and CBD salts are a great combination. Heat causes your blood vessels to widen, allowing CBD to penetrate your bloodstream through your pores. The result? Inflammation caused by eczema, arthritis, or an intense workout will be reduced. You will get up from the bath feeling refreshed. 
  • Ultra-hydrated skin: CBD is derived from hemp plants, which have tons of naturally hydrating compounds. Those compounds can easily penetrate your pores when you’re taking a CBD bath or foot soak, hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy.
[Our Patented CBD Blend]

At Mom Bomb, we’re proud to add a patented CBD blend to luxury bath & shower products. This proprietary blend allows the cannabinoids to be absorbed by the pores faster to offer longer-lasting results. We’ve also formulated it to help users consume less CBD while getting the same results from a higher dose. And to keep our bath & shower products smelling and looking good, we’ve mixed our CBD blend with essential oils and high-quality natural ingredients. With Mom Bomb products, you can enjoy a spa-like experience at home! 



Magnesium Sulfate, Fragrance, FD&C Colorant, Patented CBD Blend

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