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Mop Covers - 6 pack

Mop Covers - 6 pack

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At Saged Home, we tell our customers to reduce, reuse and refuse and we really mean that. That means looking at home for something you can repurpose… an old towel that you can cut up into rags before buying new ones, refilling an empty spray bottle with homemade cleaning solution before buying one of ours. We love encouraging our customers to get creative and do what they can, and when you’ve washed and reused your ziplock bags so many times that they fall apart or that plastic spray bottle finally breaks, replace it with a quality reusable version from Saged Home.

Swap out disposable mop covers with our 100% Cotton Mop Covers—a sustainable choice for your mop. Specifically designed for a 10 x 4.5-inch flat mop like the standard-sized Swiffer, these fabric covers are washable and reusable. Secure them in place with the convenient top holes.

Enhance efficiency with 2 usage options: store them in your preferred floor cleaning solution in a plastic Tupperware for quick access, or keep them dry for sweeping and dusting.

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