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Ora's Amazing Herbal

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Blissful Earth Body Powder

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Blissful Earth Body Powder

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A uniquely corn free and talc free body powder. Blissful Earth is mildly scented with Bulgarian lavender, vetiver and clary sage. Bliss empowers us in remaining centered, relaxed, and true to ourselves. 

How To Use

With dry hands we gently pour powder into our hand or onto a puff and apply to areas of the body that collect moisture. Bra line, underarms and, well, you get the idea. We also like to sprinkle some into the shoes of some people in our house (you know who you are) who may have sneakers that smell a little.. extra… um, sporty. ;) Applying powder over All Purpose Salve or Ultra Healing Body Butter also makes an Amazing light day deodorant.

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