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Ora's Amazing Herbal

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Calendula Salve

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Calendula Salve

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Super gentle, and without coconut oil, this salve is the exact same formula as our Newborn Salve! Treat yourself with the same loving care that you would for your baby. Calendula salve is also our best salve for drawing out splinters. We hope it soothes what ails you:
- Dry, irritated areas
- Rashes
- Sensitive skin
- Bug bites
- Draw out splinters
- Makeup removal
- Cracked heels
- Dry cuticles

How to use:
We use a clean swab or finger to scoop out a small amount, warm between hands and massage into skin allowing a few minutes for absorption. For best results, we use immediately after bath, while skin is still soft. To aid in absorption, when applying to completely dry skin, we add a few drops of water and blend in our hand before applying. For persistent dry skin or eczema, we find that alternating products between a salve, butter, and oil is very helpful as our skin changes throughout the day, month, and seasons. To draw out a splinter, we apply a generous dab and allow time for skin to soften. We often put a bandage over the area to protect it and to keep the salve from getting on things while we go about our day. We then give it some time and are amazed at how it sometimes just eases out on its own!

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