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Ora's Amazing Herbal

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil Serum

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Lightweight Daily Nourish Face Oil Serum

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We use this luxurious but vegan face oil serum as a lightweight face moisturizer, as well as for its impressive nutrient content. It is a quick absorbing face oil serum with calendula for ceramide production support, that can be worn under or instead of makeup.

How To Use

After cleansing with one of our Face Care Powders, place 5-10 drops onto fingertips and massage together. Gently press oil onto clean and still moist face and neck. If applying to dry skin, mix with a few drops of pure or herbal water from Take a Breather steam in the palm of your hand before applying. If your skin is extra thirsty, use a little more. Listen to your skin, it will tell you how much it needs.

Absorbs beautifully and differently than an emulsified lotion, give it 30 extra seconds. If it does not absorb, please reduce amount of application next time and remove excess with a gentle face cloth. We find that this serum is a wonderful light moisturizer and that we do not need to use an additional moisturizer after using.

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