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Mom Bomb sells all-natural, vegan, made in the USA bath and shower products for men, women and children and donates 100% of the profits to families in crisis. We exist to help families relax, whether that be every day by using our calming, soothing products or during a crisis where our non-profit can step in and provide services for families in crisis.

Pamper yourself with XL CALM BOMBS® w/CBD Bag of 6!

We've brought the spa to you, with our specially crafted blend of rich essential oils, 25mg of our patented CBD blend and other natural ingredients.

Each luxurious 5oz bath bomb is an oasis of relaxation - calm your senses, relieve body pains, reduce inflammations and nourish your skin while you soak.

Unlike traditional bath bombs that are only water-soluble, our formulas have been designed to make it easy for your skin to absorb high quality hemp-derived CBD into the body; as they gently fizzle away in your warm bath they soften, relax and moisturize your skin.

Every Bag includes a variety of moods to suit the moment -

  • (2) Dream Oasis (orange) with hints of Clementine and Magnolia scents
  • (2) Lucid Dreams (purple) with sweet Geranium notes;
  • (1) Chamomile (yellow) to revive with German Chamomile aromas;
  • (1) Revive (blue/green) for an invigorating mix featuring mint, pine and a touch of honey.
Our CBD formula has even achieved USPTO #11,285,086 certification! So pop one or XL CALM BOMBS® w/CBD into your tub for some well deserved “me-time” - we assure you it will be an experience like no other.



Unlike CBD oil or tincture, The patented CBD formulation in our bath salts are absorbed more quickly through your pores. That makes it easy for your body to reap CBD’s health benefits immediately, which include:

  • Immediate pain relief: Do you have recurring back pain or muscle spasms? Soak in a CBD bath, and all your pain will go away. Packed with 25mg of CBD, our bath bombs will engage with your body’s cannabinoid receptors to regulate or soothe your pain. 
  • Reduced inflammation: A warm bath with our Calm Bombs® are a great combination. Heat causes your blood vessels to widen, allowing CBD to penetrate your bloodstream through your pores. The result? Inflammation caused by eczema, arthritis, or an intense workout will be reduced. You will get up from the bath feeling refreshed. 
  • Ultra-hydrated skin: CBD is derived from hemp plants, which have tons of naturally hydrating compounds. Those compounds can easily penetrate your pores, hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy.
[Our Patented CBD Formula]

Our CBD Patented Formula USPTO #11,285,086  include a proprietary blend of cannabinoids or CBD that allows the topical solution to be absorbed by the pores faster and with longer lasting results. CBD has a cumulative effect, and thus builds up in your body over time.  Using less CBD per treatment is preferable to help avoid having to increase the dose to feel the desired effects.  This formula allows users to use less CBD while achieving the same results of a higher dose.  This proprietary blend coupled with the natural salts and essential oils provides the user with a spa like experience from their very own home.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Olive Oil, Essential Oil, Aqua, Patented Blend CBD, Polysorbate 80, Mica for color

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