Ethical Fashion


Aalia Mauro, and Emma Bottomley, CEO/Founder of Eloma Design discuss creating a positive social and environmental impact, committed to respecting, celebrating, and honoring artisans and producers, especially disadvantaged women.

  • tiger

    Wild and Exposed

    Join Aalia Mauro and nature activist, photographer, and filmmaker Molly Ferrill as they talk about changing relationships between people and nature and collaborating with nature allies.

  • style

    Redefining Denim

    Join Aalia Mauro and Oak & Acorn Founder and Designer Miko Underwood as they discuss the history of American denim and manufacturing.

  • fishes

    Ending Overfishing

    Join Aalia Mauro and CEO Clare Brook of the Blue Marine Foundation as they discuss methods to dismantle the crisis that is overfishing.

  • And Justice for All

    Join Aalia Mauro and Isaias Hernandez, an environmental justice educator talk about making environmental education accessible.

  • Your Brain on Food

    Join Aalia Mauro and
    Dr.Uma Naidoo chat on the impact of food on mood and other mental health conditions.

  • Coral Conservation

    Join Aalia Mauro andJolyon Collier, founder of Counting Coral chat about how cultures and reefs are connected and why saving these animals is crucial.