Project Elements is our largest ongoing plan of action to aid nature's restoration. Our objective is to address Air Quality, Water Conservation, Earth Regeneration, and Renewable Energy.
Phase 1. Reforestation:
One Tree, One Purchase, One Purpose.

We are proud partners of [tree-nation] where every purchase you as a Verte Mode customer makes, plants one tree.

Planting one tree may not seem impactful, but every seed counts. Our goal with Phase 1 of Project Elements is to amass in our own Verte Mode forest that YOU gave life to.Furthermore, every tree planted contributes to:

  • Offsetting our carbon footprint
  • Repairing our precious air quality
  • Providing employment to developing nations where our forest(s) will be located.

Remember that there is no Planet B. We must #PressPause in order to #MoveForward.

Phase 2. Water Conservation
Phase 3. Regenerative Agriculture
Phase 4. Renewable Energy