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(re)x founder Paulina Quintana is no stranger to the waste produced by the fashion industry. After running a children’s clothing line for 13 years, she knew something had to be done. With so many ways to make an impact, she decided to focus on a seemingly small action point with a huge payoff -- clothing hangers. An eco-solution to an object that everyone uses opens the door to big change!

Recovered ocean plastic and other hard-to-recycle plastics are ground up and formed into the revolutionary (re)x hanger. With thoughtful touches like a reinforced pant bar that’s extra thick to stand up to any garment, reinforced bridge brace, and integrated strap hooks, these hangers are ready for your chunkiest sweater, strappiest tank top, and heaviest jacket. On the off chance that your hanger doesn’t last forever, they are also fully recyclable!

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Why We Like Them

Ocean waste is a huge issue. Through her experience in the fashion industry, Paulina Quintana was horrified by the sheer number of plastic hangers that are briefly used and quickly discarded. Tipping her environmentalist cap, she decided to tackle the problem by targeting a small item that has a big impact: hangers!

These notable hangers are made with 100% recycled plastic. While it’s nearly impossible not to consume any plastic, (re)x offers an everyday product that provides an opportunity to give plastic waste a new life outside of the landfill. Ocean plastics and other tough-to-recycle plastics are carefully turned into these sturdy hangers, ready to make their debut displaying your clothes oh so sustainably! In the situation where your hanger breaks, (re)x recycles them into new (re)x hangers, too. Talk about a closed-loop system!

(re)x partners with a top-of-the-line manufacturing partner in South Africa, Ocean Plastic Technologies, that utilizes proprietary technology to turn waste into useful household goods! This plastic is sourced directly from local South Africa beach cleanups and recycling efforts. Not only are these hangers good for the environment, but they are also supporting local communities, too. Their packaging supports groups of single moms in South Africa, where they hand-print and assemble each and every package!