Ending Overfishing

Join Aalia and Clare Brook, CEO of the Blue Marine Foundation, as they discuss ways to dismantle the harmful effects of overfishing. Clare highlights how the ocean is our planet's livelihood, generating many resources that sustain us. And the long-standing consequences of hauling a surplus of sea life from marine water without considering how fast it can regenerate itself and the many resources that maintain us.

Ending Overfishing

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Hailing from Denmark, Clare Brook is a marine conservationist and pioneer of environmental and sustainable investing, dedicating 30+ years to her passion for environmentalism. Brook received her B.S in History from Oxford University, grasping her first taste of activism when campaigning for the Anti Apartheid moment in the late 80s. In which gathering for the betterment of society ignited fuel for change in Clare, skyrocketing her towards her position as CEO of the Blue Marine Foundation, acknowledged among the most impactful and influential marine conversation NGOs. Thriving to create marine protected areas and form models of sustainable fishing methods that aid both marine life and small-scale fishers. Clare is also a fluent French speaker, mother, trained Pilates instructor, and holds a diploma in photography.