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Mom Bomb

🌿🌸 Spa Tonic Bath Salts: Dive into Nature's Garden Spa! 🌸🌿

🌿🌸 Spa Tonic Bath Salts: Dive into Nature's Garden Spa! 🌸🌿

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Mom Bomb sells all-natural, vegan, made in the USA bath and shower products for men, women and children and donates 100% of the profits to families in crisis. We exist to help families relax, whether that be every day by using our calming, soothing products or during a crisis where our non-profit can step in and provide services for families in crisis.

Indulge in a symphony of spring's finest with our Spa Tonic Bath Salts. Each grain is an invitation to a garden in full bloom, carrying the fragrant embrace of gardenia, jasmine, cyclamen, and more.

🛁 Why Choose Spa Tonic? ✨ An ensemble of airy florals like lilac, hyacinth, and mimosa flower weave a tapestry of rejuvenation. ✨ Versatility at its best — perfect as a bath salt, scrub, or a foot soak. ✨ Each soak melts away discomfort, leaving you feeling revived and your skin nourished.

Handcrafted with premium natural ingredients, our bath salts not only soothe aches but uplift the senses, whisking you away to a verdant spring garden. Allow the fragrant blend of florals to envelope and pamper your skin, revealing its natural brilliance.

Elevate your spa ritual, and let your spirit dance amidst the petals with the freshness only our Spa Tonic Bath Salts can offer! 🌼🌊🍃


1 lb of Spa Tonic Bath Salts - Spring fresh bath salts also great for scrub or foot soak

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Sprinkle ¼ to ½ cup of bath salts into your warm, running bathwater. Settle in and soak for 20 minutes. Relax and enjoy your spa-like experience!


Exfoliate and soften skin in the shower by mixing a handful of bath salt with a tablespoon of shower gel and massage into wet skin.

Foot Soak:

Mix one cup of bath salt with warm water in a foot bath and soak feet for 10 minutes to help soothe aches and soften rough skin.


Magnesium Sulfate, Fragrance, FD&C Colorant

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