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Aloe Vera Hair + Body Oil

Aloe Vera Hair + Body Oil

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Clean skincare and wellness brand with organic, plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly ingredients.

Revitalize hair and skin with the beloved scent and support of our top-seller, Aloe Vera Hair & Body Oil. This therapeutic blend of healing aloe vera and neem provide deep nourishment and soothing hydration to scalp, hair and skin. Infused with castor oil, rosemary and fenugreek, natural remedies that strengthen hair, reduce hair fall, and promote healthy hair growth.

Aloe Vera Hair & Body Oil is a dry oil that provides intense moisture, while also being weightless on the hair and skin. Our lightweight formula quickly absorbs into the skin and hair, adding softness, shine, suppleness and a natural citrusy-floral fragrance.

Aloe Vera Hair & Body Oil has been stylist-tested and approved to support all hair types including kinky, curly, wavy, straight and fine hair. As a scalp treatment, hair oil applied from root to tip or skin moisturizer, find numerous uses and benefits of our versatile aloe vera infused oil.

3 Ways Aloe Vera Hair & Body Oil Will Improve Your Hair:

  1. Soothe Dry Scalp & Hair: Aloe vera and neem effectively reduce dandruff, dryness, itchiness and brittle hair caused by moisture imbalances.
  2. Nourish Hair & Skin: Deeply penetrating and non-greasy grape seed and babassu oils moisturize and soften the skin.
  3. Heal & Protect: Repair damaged hair and skin with vital nutrients that strengthen and create a moisture-retaining protective barrier for hair and skin.

Volume: 2oz

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil,* Babassu Oil,* Castor Oil,* Soybean Oil,* Jojoba Oil,* Aloe Vera Extract,* Fenugreek Oil,* Neem Oil,* Rosemary Oil,* Essential Oils.*


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