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Non-Contact Baby Movement Sensing Technology Mat

Non-Contact Baby Movement Sensing Technology Mat

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Ease all your worries and anxieties and get a full night’s rest with the Bebcare Mat baby breathing sensor mat. The sensor mat features three sensitive piezoelectric sensors in each board and will detect abnormal breathing patterns and sound an alarm if it detects a pause or irregularity in the baby’s breath.
Non-Contact Baby Movement Sensing Technology

The unique properties of piezo film as a dynamic sensor make it particularly well-suited to the detection of vital signs, without direct contact with the baby's delicate skin. The mat senses the baby's movement accurately through the mattress using its patented technology. You can sleep well through the night, knowing your child is safely, and happily, asleep.
Connects to All Bebcare Low Emissions Baby Monitors

The Bebcare Mat sensor mat connects to all models in the Bebcare baby monitor range, including the Bebcare iQ WiFi HD baby monitor, the Bebcare Motion digital video baby monitor, and the Bebcare Hear digital audio baby monitor. You can track the baby’s vitals from the comfort of your own bed or the other end of the house.
Product Features:

Battery life: 60 days
Operating frequency: 863-870Mhz
Operating mode: Fully wireless
Wireless technology: Ultra-Low power safe signal
Sensor technology: Piezo-Electric motion sensor fully adjustable sensitivity
Functions: Breathing lindicator LED alarm snooze
Battery: 3X standard AA
Out of range alert
Low battery alert
Setup: One-Click setup

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