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J&L Naturals

Biodegradable Floss (90 ft)

Biodegradable Floss (90 ft)

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At J&L Naturals we’re firm believers that our planet has everything we need. That's why we focus only on natural, simple ingredients. No sneaky chemicals. No unnecessary fragrances. And nothing else that shouldn’t be in products in the first place.

This Biodegradable Floss isn't just eco-friendly, it's earth-friendly too! Making the switch to our 90-ft-long minty-fresh floss helps reduce your carbon footprint, and leaving the planet a little greener. So go ahead and floss guilt-free! (And feel free to put that extra-earthy glow on your halo, too!)

Includes: (1) 90 ft. roll of Biodegradable Floss, (1) Glass Bottle

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