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Laura Elizabeth



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Laura Elizabeth offers timeless, elegant and sustainable jewelry. Handmade mama-friendly (durable) necklaces, that you can swim, sweat, and shower in.

  • Length of cuff is approximately 6 inches
  • Cast in 100% recycled brass & 14 karat-gold plated
  • Cuff is plated with 3 microns of 14 karat gold (versus the common 1 micron) making the cuff last a lot longer
  • Cuff sustainably and ethically made in downtown Los Angeles 
  • There's no nickel, cadmium or lead in our jewelry - making it nontoxic

I name each piece of jewelry I design after a woman who has inspired me and who has played a supportive role in my journey of growth and healing. Cara is an exceptional friend.  Cara is that friend who goes above and beyond to help. She does it fully and with no expectations. We met through our ex husbands. We released what wasn't in alignment for us (hence the ex) and kept the loving, supportive, partnership we developed. Over the years, we have metaphorically held each other's hand through the both peaks and valleys. When I visited Cara in New York, I was strolling through the Jewelry District and saw bunches of bark wrapped together for sale. What? Bark in the middle of Manhattan? I couldn't get the image out of my mind and asked Cara to send some to me. She did, and from that bunch I created the Lindsey, Arianna and Cara cuffs. 

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