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Day Owl

Earth Day Everyday Patch

Earth Day Everyday Patch

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Day Owl is a sustainable backpack company that makes the essential products for your everyday carry. We are building the first completely circular bag company. We build our products from recycled landfill-bound materials and repair and refurbish them to keep them in circulation for multiple owners.

Designed by the incredible artist, Nori Rinaldo. Nori’s inspiration for this design:

“Earth Day is an important day for advocacy and its creation in the 70's was a critical moment in environmentalist history, but we are at a point where one day a year is not enough. Our society needs to undergo huge changes to slow the effects of climate change, and the inspiration behind the "Earth Day Everyday" patch was to communicate that we need to consider the environment as a part of our decisions every day.”

The Day Owl x Outpatch patch program supports communities in crisis in often overlooked areas of the world.

We donate one dollar from each "Earth Day Everyday" patch to SEED Madagascar to support sustainability efforts there. Our partners at Outpatch also donate a portion of the proceeds to these efforts and to the artist that designed the patch. #patcheswithpurpose

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