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Fresh Minty Yuzu Toothpaste Tablets

Fresh Minty Yuzu Toothpaste Tablets

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Tidalove's waterless formulas deliver clean, vegan, and potent personal care without harsh chemicals and single-use plastic. Level up your self-care routine with our toothpaste tablets, body wash sheets, and facial wash beans for you and the planet.

Tidalove's Freshy Minty Yuzu Toothpaste Tablets with fluoride provide a refreshing and sustainable option for your oral care routine. The unique blend of mint and yuzu freshens breath, whitens teeth, and leaves a clean, natural taste. Each refill packet contains a one-month supply (62 tablets) and can be stored in our tin or your own container.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and wasteful packaging, and switch to our sustainable and fluoride-enhanced toothpaste tablets for a healthier, happier smile!

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