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Annmarie Skin Care

Fruit Ceramide Eye Serum (10ml)

Fruit Ceramide Eye Serum (10ml)

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We at Annmarie Skin Care are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, just like you—so in addition to creating the best skin care made with natural ingredients possible, we are committed to creating a better, more sustainable—and in turn, more beautiful world. Our purpose as a company is to align with these three words:Honesty. Wild. Beautiful.

This transformative treatment is formulated to enhance the resilience and radiance of the delicate skin around the eyes. Pineapple ceramides and sake peptides are blended with 12 sub-formulas to target the appearance of deep lines, while lingonberry stem cells and helichrysum firm and soften. Hand selected extracts of artemisia and sambucus soothe sensitivities, creating a luxe complex that protects against oxidative stress and illuminates skin.


"I like how this serum flows easily onto my skin. I have tried other products that tug at the skin as I apply them. It is gentle and does not seep into my eyes. And it does what it is supposed to do - nourishes the delicate skin around my eyes!"

Jane K.
ASC Customer

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