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Laura Elizabeth

Holly Coin Pendant

Holly Coin Pendant

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Laura Elizabeth offers timeless, elegant and sustainable jewelry. Handmade mama-friendly (durable) necklaces, that you can swim, sweat, and shower in.

  • This pendant is a cast made from a shipwrecked coin
  • The size of the pendant is approximately 2.5cm in diameter (about the size of a US quarter)
  • Pendant is sustainably and ethically made from 100% recycled brass and gold or silver plated
  • This pendant has a large enough jump ring on it to fit through all Laura Elizabeth chains except the Alana (6.0mm Width Flat Elongated Gold Filled Chain)

I named this pendant after a dear friend whom I once nannied for. Friend doesn't cut it. We are family. When I discovered that my ex husband was choosing behavior that wasn't in alignment with our marital agreement (trying to be nice here guys), I called Holly crying. That night, I showed up to her house in shock. She met me outside with a glass of wine and a hug that lasted a lifetime. 

Prior to that fateful night, I had nannied for Holly and her partner, Kevin for a few years. Can you imagine having a child and getting a show you wrote picked up at the same time? Both of Holly's dreams came true, and she needed help. She welcomed me in and was honest, from the get-go. She put the trust of her most prized possession in me.  Holly and Kevin saw me as a co-parent. They appreciated my education, experience, and me as a human. From here, we built our family. And, I am a lucky "La" to their son Goose. In my perspective, when someone is as aware as Holly, it takes complete trust to let someone else make such an impact on your child's life. I want to learn from her and be more like that. To let go a bit more. 

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