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Terra Thread

Organic Cotton Mesh Bag - Jord Mesh Tote

Organic Cotton Mesh Bag - Jord Mesh Tote

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Terra Thread backpacks, bags and apparel are created for conscious consumers, corporations and NGOs who are looking to make a positive impact on the world with their purchase. Terra Thread puts people and the planet first, every step of the way from organic farms to your arms.

Made with Fairtrade certified organic cotton that is free of harmful chemicals, this mesh bag is not only a great choice for a sustainable tote bag, but also its minimalist design means it’s easily stowed and always ready to spring into action. Made from a durable cotton mesh that will swallow up just about anything you’d care to carry—from a farmer’s market watermelon to swim fins, a water bottle and a towel. Two sets of handles—one long, one short—let you easily haul it by hand or on the shoulder. Keep a couple tucked in the car for the unexpected, or carry one as an everyday bag. 

Your purchase also supports Feeding America's campaign to end hunger by helping donate meals to kids and families in need. 

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