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Produce/Bulk Bag - Mesh

Produce/Bulk Bag - Mesh

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INSPIRED BY SUSTAINABILITY. DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE. Bagito re-engineers single-use products to reusable, designing for convenience at home and on the go. We make forgetting your reusables a thing of the past. Beyond plastic free means built-to-last durability with reinforced seams and heavier weight materials, and a take-back program at end-of-life.


Hate those plastic baggies at the grocery store? We do too.

Going plastic-free just got even easier with these individual, premium reusable produce and bulk bags made out of 100% recycled plastic rPet fabric and mesh. BPA-free and food safe, these bags help extend the shelf-life of your favorite fruits and veggies by allowing for adequate gas exchange.

Additional information: 

  • Super durable rPet mesh fabric 
  • Equipped with handy drawstring closures and snap system to keep the bag organized
  • Machine washable and breathable to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Also available in a 4-pack (2 rPet & 2 mesh)
  • Custom imprinting available

    Dimensions: 14” tall x 12.5” wide 


      Compared to single-use!

      Learn more about our sustainable practices >>

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