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Smaller Megan 2 Faded Black - Tangle Free

Smaller Megan 2 Faded Black - Tangle Free

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TopFoxx was founded in New York city, with the purpose of designing and creating unique sunglasses and accessories that empower women, inspiring them to take risks and be themselves.

Discover our Bestseller Megan 2 Classic Aviator Sunglasses, our second collaboration with visionary beauty guru, devoted mother, and self-made boss, Megan Hannigan. These limited edition sunglasses seamlessly blend timeless sophistication with a modern twist, mirroring Megan’s multifaceted persona.
Designed to resonate with individuals of diverse styles and face shapes—square, heart, and rectangle—these rimless shades are adorned with exquisite metal detailing, crafted from recyclable metal, echoing Megan’s commitment to sustainability and style.
Indulge in UV400 protection while embracing the rich tapestry of colors: from the bold and classic Faded Black and Black Metal to the vibrant hues of Dark Green, Faded Brown, Faded Purple & Pink, Olive, Pride, and Silver.
Opt for the NEW Tangle-Free version in Faded Black, Faded Purple & Pink, or Mirrored Bronze for effortless, stylish wear, that won’t rip out your hair!
Megan 2 Classic Aviators Sunglasses are more than just sunglasses; they’re a tribute to Megan Hannigan’s ethos—empowering, stylish, and environmentally conscious. Elevate your fashion statement while embracing Megan x Topfoxx’s vision of beauty, grace, and sustainable living.


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