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Laura Elizabeth

Sol (pendant)

Sol (pendant)

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Laura Elizabeth offers timeless, elegant and sustainable jewelry. Handmade mama-friendly (durable) necklaces, that you can swim, sweat, and shower in.

  • This pendant is a cast made from a REAL star anise (spice)
  • The size of the pendant is a little larger than 1 inch in diameter
  • Pendant is sustainably and ethically made from 100% recycled brass and gold or silver plated
  • This pendant has a large enough jump ring on it to fit through all Laura Elizabeth chains except the Alana (6.0mm Width Flat Elongated Gold Filled Chain).
  • It's shown on the Dorothy chain (product shot) and the Carly chain (on models)

My Instagram friends helped name this piece. She looks like a starburst to me. Since I have a Luna necklace I thought it was fitting to have a Sol pendant. The actual pendant is a cast from the spice star anise. India has played a large role throughout much of my life. Star anise is a spice used in a lot of Indian food as well as chai teas.

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