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Stories of New York: No. 212 Concrete Jungle x Behind Her Vision

Stories of New York: No. 212 Concrete Jungle x Behind Her Vision

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Experience the essence of sustainable luxury with our meticulously hand-crafted scented candles, thoughtfully designed by master perfumers and curated to elevate your everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

Introducing Stories of New York: a special gift bundle that tells the stories of the City through a scent and the testimonies of 25 pioneering women of New York. 

The bundle includes a standard size No. 212 Concrete Jungle scented candle and a Behind Her Vision coffee table book. 

No. 212 Concrete Jungle is a edgy, yet welcoming scent that captures the sensory contradictions of midtown Manhattan on a wet fall day. Petrichor, minerality and bright bergamot elicit New York City’s damp concrete and sharp skyline facades of granite and steel, while hyacinth, musk, and cedar provide a counteracting softness and warmth reminiscent of freshly prepared bouquets at the neighborhood bodega.

Behind Her Vision invites you to step into the lives of 25 pioneering women across the arts, social impact, entrepreneurship, finance, and more. Readers will explore the corners of New York City through the lens of each woman, whose shoot location uniquely defines her place of work, inspiration, and personal freedom. Photo features are accompanied by stories based on exclusive one-on-one interviews that reveal career-defining moments, critical turning points, and the realities of imposter syndrome.

In an increasingly digital age, Behind Her Vision is a beautiful, keepsake literary product that reflects diversity from every angle: career, experiences, age, and ethnicity. Behind Her Vision serves to remind dreamers that no matter where we come from or where we are going, resilience is always rewarded. 

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