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Super Sustainable Kit

Super Sustainable Kit

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INSPIRED BY SUSTAINABILITY. DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE. Bagito re-engineers single-use products to reusable, designing for convenience at home and on the go. We make forgetting your reusables a thing of the past. Beyond plastic free means built-to-last durability with reinforced seams and heavier weight materials, and a take-back program at end-of-life.


Everything you need to save the Earth—all in one. This convenient kit takes you beyond the basics so you can move closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. Replace paper towels, plastic sandwich bags, and even trash can liners with Bagito’s Super Sustainable Kit, which includes our Zip-Em Storage Bags, Reusable Can Liners, and Towel Roll.

Additional Tip: When you can’t possibly reuse the resuables anymore, return them to us and we’ll upcycle them into new products.


    • Bagito Zip-Em Storage Bags
    • Bagito Reusable Can Liners
    • Bagito Towel Roll

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