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Sustainable Kitchen Kit

Sustainable Kitchen Kit

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INSPIRED BY SUSTAINABILITY. DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE. Bagito re-engineers single-use products to reusable, designing for convenience at home and on the go. We make forgetting your reusables a thing of the past. Beyond plastic free means built-to-last durability with reinforced seams and heavier weight materials, and a take-back program at end-of-life.


Did you know that most of your household waste is generated in the kitchen? Lighten the load on trash day by using this Sustainable Kitchen Kit. We selected some of our favorite items to replace the top culprits including the Bagito Zip-Em Storage Bags, our Produce/Bulk Bags, and the Bagito Towel Roll. 

Additional Tips: if you’re really looking to reduce food waste, try composting and meal-prepping—good for the planet and your bank account.


  • Bagito Zip-Em Storage Bags
  • Bagito Produce/Bulk Bags
  • Bagito Towel Roll

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