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Day Owl

Victory in Peace Patch

Victory in Peace Patch

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Day Owl is a sustainable backpack company that makes the essential products for your everyday carry. We are building the first completely circular bag company. We build our products from recycled landfill-bound materials and repair and refurbish them to keep them in circulation for multiple owners.

Originally meant to symbolize victory in war, the two-finger hand sign was co-opted by the anti-Vietnam war protests in the US and turned into the now iconic symbol for peace. To pay homage to this past we wanted the design to feel retro , with its impact being forward-focused on the local peacebuilding efforts taking place all over the world. It’s meant as a reminder that the march towards true peace is a long one but that there are many on this path with us.

The Day Owl x Outpatch patch program supports communities in crisis in often overlooked areas of the world.

We donate one dollar from each "Victory in Peace" patch to Peace Direct to support local peacebuilding efforts in conflict and post-conflict countries. Our partners at Outpatch also donate a portion of the proceeds to these efforts and to the artist that designed the patch #patcheswithpurpose

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