Eco-Friendly Sun Protection: Top Sustainable Sunscreens to Try This Summer

Eco-Friendly Sun Protection: Top Sustainable Sunscreens to Try This Summer

Sunscreen and sun protection sound familiar in your daily routine? As we are entering warmer weathered days, your temptation of wanting to stray more outdoors becomes more common. Millions all overlook forward to soaking up the summer months with the ones they love most. Sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun rays is what summer is truly made of. I can recall this fun filled summers of my previous summers by soaking up the warm sun for hours, in company with good food, friends, and family creating memorable experiences!

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Let’s dive into the positives of the sun's rays! The sun can provide benefits to your mental and physical health such as affecting your mood and provide immense amounts of Vitamin D. With that being said, sun protection is still needed, no matter what. Sunscreen works to block out those harmful UV rays that aid the progression of any bad effects caused by these dangerous rays, you know, the ones that progress early onset aging or aid in skin cancers. Now, let's get into sunscreen protection!

Key Information

Photo source: Instagram post by FRE Skincare.

The image taken from FRE Skincare’s Instagram, highlights a significant statement from the FDA, asserting that mineral sunscreens are considered safe for use, whereas chemical sunscreens require further research to confirm their safety. This distinction is crucial for consumers who are increasingly concerned about the health and environmental impacts of their skincare products. As a consumer of sunscreen, you must know what you are putting on your skin. 

Suncare Don’ts

Photo source: Instagram post by FRE Skincare.

Chemicals such as Avobenzone, one of the most common red flags of SPF, are commonly flagged for their potential adverse effects. Yuck! This substance and many more can contribute to skin irritation, hormonal disruptions, and even long-term health issues. Additionally, preservatives like Formaldehyde are noted for their formaldehyde-releasing properties, which can be harmful with prolonged exposure. In summary, it is terrible for your health, inside and out. 

Suncare Dos!

When it comes to natural sun protection, zinc oxide, a mineral SPF, and reef-safe sunscreens are the ultimate SPF champions! Not only does zinc oxide provide broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, but it's also gentle on sensitive skin. This mineral marvel sits on top of your skin, physically blocking harmful rays without seeping into your body, making it a safer option for both you and the environment.

With that being said, mineral to chemical, bottled to stick form, the variety of suncare products in the market can be extremely overwhelming. This beneficial list will assist you this summer when browsing for the perfect SPF to throw in your bag the season. After all, sun care is always in season!

Top Picks Just For You

Starting this list of must haves off strong with Olita’s Mineral Sunscreen Sunstick SPF 30. The convenient nature of the stick formulation of this product has allowed it to become the favorite of many, including our top customers. This sunscreen effectively blocks against the harmful UVA rays. This sunscreen offers a broad spectrum and is chemical free. While protecting your skin, this product does not harm our planet's oceans. Perfect on and off land.
Mineral Sunscreen Sunstick SPF 30- Olita 

The Annmarie Skin Care Sun Love Sunscreen is perfect for those who want a before makeup SPF option that offers them intense moisturization while protecting their skin. Formulated with reef friendly ingredients that protect your skin, this SPF moisturizes the skin by using in combination with zinc oxide to protect it.
Sun Love - Everyday Sheer Sunscreen- Annmarie Skin Care 

Another favorite from Annmarie Skincare is the Deluxe Mini Sun Love. During the summer months you are probably on the go. This means carrying around a hefty bottle of SPF sunscreen is most likely not convenient or practical. Annmarie Skincare Has created their deluxe mini trial size, perfect for those on the go days. Formulated with the same ingredients as their most beloved sunscreen, This product will become your purse's favorite as well!
Deluxe Mini Sun Love- Annmarie Skincare

For those who remain active during the summer months, who do so much more than to lay out by the pool to obtain those summer rays, this next pick is ideal for you. The Sunshine Rituals Sun Paste is a tinted option for those that are highly active. This tinted SPF highly nourishes the skin with organic olive oils helping your skin be resilient against toxins from the outside world. While being tinted, this SPF is included with zinc oxide that is sheer to the touch.
SUN PASTE ~ TINTED – Sunshine Rituals 

Your lips also need protection during these warmer months, therefore, incorporating a lip balm with SPF is ideal. Olita Mineral Lip Balm with an SPF of 15 Protects the most delicate skin on your entire body. This product heals your lips by hydrating them with healthy oils that work from the inside out, while incorporating zinc oxide to sit on top of the lips for all day wear and protection.

Mineral Lip Balm- Olita 

Treating your skin during and after the sun is vital to not only protect your skin from the sun, also to secure and lock your tan in a healthy way. The Olita The Before and After set offers the perfect solution. This duo offers strong sunscreen protection for sensitive skin. The bottled SPF is incorporated with mineral sunscreens and organic ingredients while being reef safe. In addition, the soothing after sun serum works to hydrate and nourish the skin after the sun, formulated fragrance free.
The Before and After- Olita 

For those who are seeking out an option for their children or a younger crowd, the Olita Kids Pack is a perfect addition to your summer must-haves. Everything that you would need for the perfect beach day! The Beach Be Gone Is a sand remover that is used for those messy days on the beach. Infused with a light bubblegum scent your little ones will love! The mineral sun stick with SPF 30 has been a Mom's Choice Award Gold winner and is perfect to slip into any of those little bags that you will bring with you out on the beach this summer. Finally in this set, The SPF 50 lotion Is perfect for sensitive, normal skin, gentle yet has powerful sun protection and is water resistant for all day wear!
Kids Pack- Olita 

Choosing sustainable sunscreens is a small step with a big impact. By opting for products that are gentle on the environment and safe for our bodies, we're contributing to healthier oceans and a healthier planet. It's a simple yet significant way to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on sun protection. As you go on to pack your summer bags, We hope that you incorporate the top picks that were mentioned in this list.

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