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How a Sustainable Skincare Line  is helping Save Our Skin and Save Baby Sea Turtles


Natural Lip Balms

Blue Heron Botanical was founded by a woman who grew up living on the Lake Champlain Islands of Vermont nestled between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont.  She learned about self-sustainable at a young age from her homesteading parents. Her deep love for Mother Earth served as an inspiration for Blue Heron Botanicals.  A healer and an advocate for the medicinal properties of nature, many of the herbs that are crafted for Blue Heron botanicals are grown right in her own backyard in Northern California. The company is committed to producing products that sustain the mind, body, and spirit while honoring our Mother Earth. A portion of their revenue goes to Billion Baby Sea Turtles. You can read about it here. How wonderful to know that while you are taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of baby sea turtles. 

We have featured below some of Blue Heron Botanicals’  products that are saving our baby sea turtles while saving our skin too!

Blue Heron Botanicals Herbal Lip Therapy Verte Mode

- One can never go wrong with lavender and lemon combined into one healing lip therapy balm. This soothing lip balm has all the ingredients to get rid of those cracked lips. The botanical oils, essential oils and potent skin healing herbs make this a must have for those lips that need special attention.

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: We give this healing lip balm a 6 out of 6. In addition to having all natural herbal ingredients, its USDA certified organic, its packaging is 100% PCW recycled paper and 40% more product than a standard lip balm. 

Blue Heron Botanicals Organic Lip Therapy- Verte Mode

- This certified organic lip conditioner has the creamy blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil that keeps your lips nourished and healthy looking! 

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: We give this amazing lip balm a 6 out of 6. The easy to use compostable paper tube, the 100% PCW recycled paper package and 40% more product than a standard lip balm while saving our planet at the same time makes this one of our favorites!

Blue Heron Botanicals Vegan Lip Therapy Verte Mode

- This flavored vegan lip therapy balm is packed with a creamy blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, Candelilla wax and other botanical emollients that nourishes our lips and perfect for everyday use. The coastal berry is a multi-tasker, it can also be used around the delicate part of our eyes.

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: We give this multi-use lip balm a 6 out of 6. It’s USDA Certified, 100% PCW recycled paper package and 40% more product than a standard lip balm tube. We love how we can also use it around our eyes!

Blue Heron Botanicals Tinted Lip Therapy Verte Mode

- This ruby red grapefruit flavored tinted lip therapy is going to give some color on your lips while keeping it soft and glossy.  The botanical oils and alkanet root infused Castor oil will nourish your lips with naturally tinted ruby sheen that will give it that shine.

Verte Mode Sustainability Review - We give this ruby red grapefruit  tinted therapy balm a 6 out of 6. In addition to the botanical oils and castor oil, its natural ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter are also known to nourish your lips. It's also great to know that it's plastic free and low waste. Now that is taking care of your lips and the planet all in one!

Blue Heron Botanicals Wound Warrior Balm - Verte Mode

- This herbal infused balm is great for treating burns, bruises, sprains, strains, abrasions, fresh tattoos, and insect bites. Its potent blend of skin-soothing oils such as Calendula, Yarrow, Comfrey, with therapeutic essential oils make this healing balm a must have!

Verte Mode Sustainability Review - We give healing balm a 6 out of 6. Chamomile, Patchouli and Clove essential oils are one of the key botanical ingredients in addition to all the skin-soothing oils. We love its organic, wildcrafted, locally sourced ingredients. It's also  zero waste and plastic free. It comes with home compostable or recyclable cardboard. 

Blue Heron Botanicals Tattoo Aftercare Balm - Verte Mode

- We know how important it is to take care of your body art so it can heal quickly. The comfrey and calendula infused oils help your skin heal rapidly  and perfectly  so you can start showing off your new body art. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Review- We give this healing balm for your tattoo a 6 out of 6. The zero waste, plastic free, home compostable and recyclable materials are also healing for the planet!


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