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As consumers, we expect the BARE MINIMUM from the beauty brands that we purchase. The zero waste products are free from chemicals and have eco- friendly and sustainable ingredients. If we all looked into each ingredient of the products that we love and use everyday, we would be surprised that most of them are actually not good to put on our skin (I know, I was taken aback when I found out that some of the products I LIVED by were not good for my skin nor the planet!) Here at Verte Mode, we choose to live green all the time and are committed to sustainable ingredients. Below is a list of fourteen best ethical beauty brands that you should check out.

Evolve Botanica

Evolve Botanica

Image: Evolve Botanica

Evolve Botanica began with the founder, Jennifer, exploring everything she could in the Pennsylvania woods. This company brings consumers plant based clean skincare that you can trust on your skin. The ingredients are locally sourced from a farming and artisan community so it is guaranteed no harmful chemicals are in their products. 

Verte Mode Rating: We give Evolve Botanica a 4 out of 6. They outsourced their ingredients locally from local farmers. They use organic ingredients.

Urban Pulse

Urban Pulse

Image: Urban Pulse

Having sensitive skin makes it hard to shop for sustainable skincare products that will not have your skin breakout. Especially when most companies are deceiving  consumers claiming they are “all natural” yet the ingredients say otherwise. Shopping Urban Pulse, you’re guaranteed only natural and effective ingredients for your skin. Their products can even help with skin irritation and discomfort.

Verte Mode Rating: We give Urban Pulse a 6 out 6. Its ingredients are vegan, non toxic and cruelty free. They donate a certain  percentage of their profit to the Be Cruelty Free Campaign. They create and package with eco-friendly materials, processes and sourcing. Their products are made in small batches.

Seed Phytonutrients

Seed Phytonutrients

Image: Seed Phytonutrients

Seed phytonutrients are a women owned company who are climate neutral certified and use lightweight recyclable materials for their packaging which reduces the amount of energy used in transportation. One can use eco friendly beauty products that are good for your skin and support projects that make a positive impact on climate change. 

Verte Mode Rating: We give Seed Phytonutrients a 6 out of 6. It's 100% vegan, sulfate free rich in nourishing seed oils, vitamin packed and packaged in recyclable materials. So it’s good for our planet too!



Image: Acure

Acure sells high quality skin, hair, and body products. You will not find any sulfates, formaldehyde, paraffin, mineral oil in their products and NO ANIMAL TESTING EVER! What more could you want from a brand? Their mission is to “take skin & hair from blah to brilliant by boosting their performance with powerful combinations of amazing ingredients.”

Verte Mode Rating: We give Acure a 5 out of 6. It's a 100% Vegan and plus their products are Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral Oil fee, Formaldehyde free, and Cruelty free too!

Clean Beauty Collective

What Is 'Clean' Beauty? – CLEAN Beauty Collective

Image: Clean Beauty Collective

As a personal user of Clean Beauty Collective’s perfumes, I had to include this one on the list. Their priority is the consumers safety so you will never find anything but natural ingredients in their perfumes. They work with partners who use green manufacturing practices providing a sustainable way to smell divine and ensure a happy planet. 

Verte Mode Rating: We give Clean Beauty Collective a 6 out of 6. They have been practicing sustainability and setting the standards since 2003. They are eco-conscious, their products are gluten free, phthalate free, vegan, clean formula and cruelty free.

My July

Winter sunlight

Photo by @aleighmichelle

Image: My July Skin 

Who doesn’t love a good mother daughter duo? Well Dawn and her daughter, Michaela Hoo, a power duo who founded My July, a plant based gentle skincare brand with an inspiring story. The company started when Michaela was diagnosed with Lyme disease. With this condition, she found herself constantly breaking out with skin rashes and her and her mother Dawn wanted to find a solution which is how My July became born. You can find body butters, body oils, face oil and mists which are organic, free of parabens and toxic chemicals, and vegan. 

Verte Mode Rating: We give My July a 6 out of 6. This mother duo company creates products that are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, plant-based, soy free, gluten-free, paraben-free, non-toxic and non GMO. They make their products in small batches from their location in Los Angeles. 

Botanical Republic

Botanical Republic

Image: Botanical Republic

A Korean- American owned luxury skincare line based in Los Angeles that uses organic and natural plant ingredients in their products. Their eco friendly beauty products are produced in small batches to reduce waste and resources whilst in production. They also come in a sleek glass bottle which has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions AND is recyclable, reusable, and refillable. Who doesn’t like refills?

Verte Mode Rating: We give Botanical Republic a 6 out of 6. They make everything by hand in their location in Los Angeles by using organic,natural and wildcrafted plant-based ingredients. They create small batches, their products have no harmful artificial preservatives or harmful synthetic ingredients. It's a woman owned business that launched during the pandemic.


Gold Extreme Face Oil: Lunalis Cosmetics - Gift Shop Magazine

Image: Lunalis

Moroccan born sisters, Laila and Nana Quiroga started Lunalis after losing their mother to cancer. They realized that cancer can be caused by the harmful chemicals your body is exposed to which is why their main priority is producing products free of parabens, dyes, sulfates, and all those other nasty things we don’t want! Lunalis mission besides creating all natural products is to empower women and represent their Moroccan culture.

Verte Mode Rating: We give Lunalis a 6 out of 6. They use natural ingredients, no toxins, clean beauty, fragrance free, vegan, dermatology tested and it's made in the USA. They practice fair trade and ethical sourcing.

Just Beauty CBD

Just Beauty CBD Launches New Products | American Spa

Image: Just Beauty CBD

Over the past few years, CBD’s popularity has been continuously growing. Nowadays, you can find a lot of CBD infused beauty and skincare. It seems like you can have CBD in almost anything! Just Beauty CBD gives consumers Earth- friendly yet affordable beauty and skincare products. Their low waste products create a better planet with having lower fillers and preservatives to provide more concentrated formulas instead.

Verte Mode Rating: We give Just Beauty CBD a 5 out of 6. Their products are free of dyes, fragrance, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, soy and gluten. They use all plant based ingredients. Its products are quality tested to make sure it's safe. It's also earth friendly, less fillers which means more

PURR Skincare

Organic skincare designed for your ritualistic pleasure.– PURR

Image: PURR 

Purr Skincare is all organic and sustainable products made in the U.S. The founder, Cynthia Lin, grew up with health issues inspiring her to create a skincare all natural plant based brand. With PURR, the consumer is guaranteed the non-negotiables of good products, good for the planet, and good for the community.

Verte Mode Rating: We give PURR Skincare a 6 out of 6.  The company is owned by women of color who believe in minimalism beginning with their ingredients down to their packaging design and branding. They use only 100% organic certified butters (shea, kokum, cocoa) and oils for their products. Their eco friendly beauty products are free from chemicals and preservatives. They strive to always be sustainable too!

Booda Organics

Health and Body Products | Local Beauty Brands

Image: Booda Organics

Just like how the Buddha can bring peace of mind, so does Booda Organics. You will only find handmade, unrefined, and organic ingredients in their products because after all, their motto is “What goes ON your skin, also goes IN!” To give you that extra piece of mind, Booda Organics chooses food grade, non GMO, vegan, and sustainable ingredients.

Verte Mode Rating: We give Booda Organics a 5 out of 6. Their products are made with organic, non-gmo, sustainable and vegan ingredients. They use eco friendly skincare products to make sure that what goes on your skin is healthy because whatever goes on there also goes in your body.

Dab Herb Makeup And Skincare


DabHerbMakeup - Etsy

Image: Dab Herb Makeup

Dab Herb holds a holistic approach to makeup and skincare. All their products are handmade using the best food grade, cruelty free, vegan ingredients with quality and purity in mind. Their organic Body products even include high performance essential oil infusions that promote healing and radiance from within. 

Verte Mode Rating: We give Dab Herb Makeup And Skincare a 5  out of 6. They are food and herb-based, vegan, organic, cruelty free, zero waste, ultra clean and safe for kids too!

Dr. Bronner’s All-one


Dr. Bronner’s All-one

Image: Dr. Bronner's All- One

You will never find synthetic preservatives or foaming agents in what seems like the millions of different products they have, only the purest organic and fair trade ingredients. Everyday, the company is working hard to lower their carbon footprint and find ways to do better for the community and Earth. 

Verte Mode Rating: We give Dr. Bronner’s All one a 6 out of 6. In addition to being vegan, cruelty-free products, using the highest quality organic ingredients  for your home, body & hair, they also practice fair trade and are eco-friendly. They care about their employees by sharing the company’s profits and they always make sure they make a positive impact on the community.

Andrea’s Organic Market

Taking A Look At Some Great Green Hair Products Safe For The Environment -  Sheeba Magazine

Image: Andrea's Organic Market

A small business run out of Etsy, Andrea’s Organic Market has a mission to create products that use Earth’s natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals. Besides the items being chemical free, vegan, non GMO, and synthetic free, they also come in glass packaging. Even when the package arrives at your home, you will find everything from the shipping labels to the packing peanuts to be compostable and recyclable.

Verte Mode Rating: We give Andrea’s Organic Market a 6 out of 6. It's a woman owned business. Their products are organic, non-gmo, synthetic free, fair trade certified ingredients. It’s really cool that their products are packaged in beautiful glass containers that can be reused, re-purposed or recycled.

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