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10 Best Toothpaste Tablets With Eco-Friendly Packaging in 2023 | Verte Mode

Here at  Verte Mode , we know the importance of fresh breath, healthy teeth and sparkly smiles that radiate from afar. We have curated the top 4 best toothpaste that we know not only gives you those fresh breath and white teeth but that bright smile while being eco-friendly too!


Toothpaste Tablets

A one month supply of all-natural toothpaste, here to freshen your breath in a variety of flavors.


Sweet Cinnamon Toothpaste Tablets

This toothpaste not only freshens breath but also promotes oral health with its ingredients. It contains fluoride, xylitol, bamboo salt, green tea extract, eucalyptus oil, and apple and grape seed extract.


Fresh Minty Yuzu Toothpaste Tablets

It freshens breath, whitens teeth, and leaves a fresh taste in your mouth. It contains fluoride, meaning it's beneficial for your teeth.


All Natural Organic Whitening Toothpaste/Remineralizing Toothpaste Butter Me Up

- This chemical free blend is going to make your teeth feeling polished and healthy. The ingredients of baking soda, seal salt, calcium, essential oil and coconut oil (their naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties help in stopping tooth decay)  makes this organic toothpaste a must have. Now for those pesky morning breaths or those unavoidable coffee breaths, the rosemary essential oil prevents bad breath and plaque too!



Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6


  • Cruelty-free
  • Completely all natural and safe
  • Packaging upcycled when possible



    Scent Cerae Tooth Nibs Solid Toothpaste Starter Gift Set

    - These natural organic tooth nibs come in 6 natural flavors to choose from like Pina Colada, Cinnamon Roll, Mint Chocolate Chip, Matcha Mint, Fresh Strawberry, and Charcoal White. The starter kit comes with 80 tooth nibs (you can choose your own flavor) packaged in a rust free reusable tin.  It also comes with 1 biodegradable charcoal bamboo Adult size toothbrush. A great way to start your eco-friendly journey to whiter and healthier teeth. 


    Verte Mode Sustainability Review : 6/6

    • Zero waste- plastic free
    • Organic Pure Essential Oils Ingredients
    • Eco-friendly shipping materials

    Chewpaste | Plastic-Free, All-Natural Toothpaste | etee


    Etee Plastic Free Toothpaste Tablets

    - This scientifically proven chewpaste with the natural benefits of Canadian Glacial clay (detoxifying and anti-bacterial) with natural flavors is a perfect way to fight cavities while keeping your breath fresh. It comes with a fluoride-free formula too! 


    Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6 

    • Glass jar
    • Vegan friendly ingredients
    • Natural ingredients

    Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder - The Dirt - Super Natural Personal Care 6 Month Jar / Super Mint Oral Care


    The Dirt - The Original Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder

    - Who knew that dirt can be so clean? This brushing powder is a fun and natural alternative to toothpaste. It's made with natural ingredients. The one large jar can last up to 6 months. 


    Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

    • Crafted with natural ingredients
    • No Animal Testing
    • Dentist Recommended



    Kaylaan Watermelon Toothpaste Tablets

    - This watermelon-flavored toothpaste travels will give you the taste of summer all year round. These tablets are infused with the natural sweetness of our favorite summer fruit-watermelons! It also helps fight tooth decay and gum disease while keeping your breath fresh.


    Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6 

    • Cruelty-Free
    • Organic
    • Plastic-free

    Peppermint (4-Month Supply)


    Huupy Peppermint Toothpaste Tablets

    - Why not be “huupy” with this peppermint toothpaste tablets that come in a recyclable aluminum case. The company’s in-house chemists carefully crafted all of the natural ingredients to give you an all natural and effective way to clean your teeth.


    Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

    • Sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients
    • Compostable or recyclable packaging
    • 2% of revenue to fund sustainability initiatives



    About Us

    - At Verte Mode & Magazine, our mission is to empower customers with the ability to make informed, sustainable choices. We provide a trusted eCommerce platform for purchasing products and services that are not only safe and cruelty-free, but also meet high standards for sustainability.


    To ensure that you can shop with confidence, we evaluate brands using six comprehensive metrics, drawing from verified sources and presenting the information in an easy-to-understand rating system, complete with icons indicating a product's sustainability attributes.

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