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Eco-Luxury Love: Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Planet-Conscious Couples

Love is in the air and why don’t we take a moment to reflect on what we can do to love ourselves and love our planet at the same time. We can’t help but also think about the top trending song these days, Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” where she sings about self-empowerment. Valentine’s Day is a day of love not just for others but also for yourself and for our planet. We can certainly buy our own flowers but we can also buy eco- products for our own self-pampering. Here at Verte Mode we are all about loving ourselves and loving our planet. Here are the top 15 eco-friendly products that we think you will absolutely love.

Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers Gift Set Open Box

1. Lizush Bath Bombs And Shower Steamers Gift Set 

Shall we start our self-pampering with a nice warm bath?  Lizush Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers is like having a relaxing spa right in the comforts of your own bathroom. These luxurious bath bombs are the perfect answer to a relaxing valentine’s day with its lavender and mint scent. The gift set also comes with shower steamers with calming scents such lavender, grapefruit and eucalyptus to surely make you feel loved all around. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Lizush Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers Gift Set a 6 out of 6. Its all natural vegan non-gmo colorant from seeds, roots, and minerals essential oils are never tested on animals. They are made only of pure ingredients from mother nature and no preservatives. Did we mention that each batch is handmade too? 

Standard Soap - Peaches and Cream (Goatmilk) - Verte Mode

2. Evolve Botanical Standard Soap - Peaches And Cream (Goatmilk) 

Now if you are not a bath type of person and you prefer to shower, then we have just the right soap for you. Evolve Botanical Standard Soap (although there’s nothing standard about this soap) made of juicy organic peaches, soothing goat milk and the healing Georgia wildflower honey is your perfect companion. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Evolve Botanical Standard Soap a 6 out of 6. Its ingredients are sustainably sourced, all natural that mother nature has in abundance such as olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter just to name a few. 

B-Organic Goat Milk Moroccan Vanilla Soap

3. B-Organic Goat Milk Moroccan Vanilla Soap 

If Vanilla is more your scent, then you may want to lather up with B-Organic’s Goat Milk Moroccan Vanilla Soap. You guessed it, it has the sweet smelling scent of Moroccan vanilla sprinkled with Olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, organic shea butter, and oatmeal. It smells delicious and your body will smell equally delicious too! 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give B-Organic Goat Milk Moroccan Vanilla Soap a 6 out of 6. The natural ingredients and the use of natural inks that are derived from fruits and vegetables makes this product a must have for our self-pampering days. 

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Citrus Grove Body Butter - Verte Mode

4. Ora's Amazing Herbal - Citrus Grove Body Butter 

To continue with your self-pampering outside the bathroom, may we suggest Ora’s Amazing Herbal-Citrus Grove Butter. This multi-purpose body butter is made from organic and fair trade shea butter as its base, with a touch of rosehip, apricot, castor, meadowfoam and intense herbal infused oil. We love that it's described as emotionally soothing and promotes positive self-talk and is great for sore muscles (especially helpful when you started your self-love in the gym.) 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Ora’s Amazing Herbal-Citrus Grove Body Butter a 6 out of 6. Not only does it have all these amazing natural ingredients but it also promotes emotional well-being  and positive affirmations. As much as humans love the scent, mosquitos do not, which is a great bonus!

Naturally London Nourishing Foot Butter - Lavender Orange

5. Naturally London Nourishing Foot Butter - Lavender Orange 

We can never go wrong in paying extra special love to our feet. The refreshing lemon with a hint of ginger can help calm our hardworking feet especially when we do a lot of walking. This nourishing foot butter  keeps our feet hydrated which in turn prevents dry skin and heels.  It soaks in quickly and is non-greasy which will leave your feet feeling silky and smooth. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Naturally London Nourishing Foot Butter-Lavender Orange a 6 out of 6. It has natural ingredients such as avocado butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, rosehip seed oil just to name a few. It is also certified organic and non-gmo. All good stuff rolled into one soothing foot butter.


6. Orchid + Ash Candle Care Bundle

 What is self-pampering without some candles to set the mood? Orchid + Ash Candle Care Bundle includes one 11 oz candle, one bottle of apothecary matches and one set of golden wick trimmers to keep those wicks perfectly trimmed. It’s all natural which means zero synthetics or additives, everything about this beautiful candle literally comes straight from nature. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Orchid + Ash Candle Care Bundle a 6 out of 6. We love how its toxins-free, phthalate-free, carcinogen-free (those stuff known to cause cancer and these candles have zero), mutagen-free (this can negatively alter our genetic makeup so not a good thing to have on your candles), its vegan and cruelty free which means showing lots of love to our furry friends.  

Orchid + Ash Candle Care Bundle including Apothecary Matches, Wick Trimmer, and Candle

7. Orchid + Ash MOONSTRUCK Natural Candle

If you want other options for candles to help set the mood for your self pampering,  Orchid + Ash Moonstruck Natural Candle is something that you may want to explore over at Verte Mode.  You may be moonstruck by its creamy honey + vanilla bean with a touch of coconut sprinkled with brown sugar that makes this scent truly magical. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Orchid + Ash MOONSTRUCK Natural Candle a 6 out of 6. Its three layer simple ingredients of honey on top, fresh coconut in the middle with a vanilla bean as its base makes this candle top of mind. 

Aerangis Vineyard Journey Candle Gift Set with Box

8. Aerangis Vineyard Journey Candle Gift Set 

To roundup our mood setting for self-pampering, Aerangis Vineyard Journey Candles will take you to a scent journey through the vineyards and residence of the creators in upstate New York. The scents range from leather and tobacco notes of their home and “fresh green scents of the vineyard after a fresh rain shower.” 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Aerangis Vineyard Journey Candle Gift Set a 6 out of 6. We love how the gift set comes with a complimentary wick trimmer, a scent story card and a candle care card. The candles are nestled in a reusable jar and the gift packaging is made from recycled or recyclable materials. Their grosgrain ribbon is sustainability made from recycled plastic bottles which means for every two reels of ribbon produced, one plastic bottle is saved from the landfill.. This also  means it prevents damaging the environment. 

The Chai Bar Astrakadir - Rose Cardamom Chai

9. The Chai Bar Astrakadir - Rose Cardamom Chai 

Who said roses are only limited to flowers? How about making yourself a cup of the Chai Bar Astrakadir - Rose Cardamom Chai. This delicious tea has a dash of cinnamon with a sprinkle of star anise, it is the perfect blend of cardamom and rose. Now you may find yourself smelling roses while sipping this delicious tea. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Chai Bar Astrakadir - Rose Cardamom Chai a 6 out of 6. Just the thought of sipping this delicious tea that has the aroma of not just roses but with a spicy twist to it makes this not only a sweet but also a spicy self-pampering. 

Cultivate Taste  Organic Romantic Nights Tea

10. Cultivate Taste Organic Romantic Nights Tea -

Speaking of romantic nights, how about cultivating your taste with Cultivate Taste Organic Romantic Nights tea. Our self-pampering does not have to only be during valentines day.  Romance will surely be in the air when we sip this exquisite tea. The rose petals add a delicate romantic floral element sprinkled with a little spice from the cardamom coupled with the light heat and fruitiness from pink peppercorns makes this tea a one hot romance you can’t resist.  

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Cultivate Taste Organic Romantic Nights Tea a 6 out of 6. Its floral and spicy flavor gives you the best of both worlds plus endless romantic nights one cup at a time.

Steep & Mellow - "Dream" Chamomile Tea - Verte Mode

11. Steep & Mellow - "Dream" Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is the go-to tea when we want to unwind and have some mellow time for ourselves. Steep and Mellow - “Dream” Chamomile tea is the team that dreams are made of, infused reishi mushroom, ashwagandha root, and valerian root into this dreamy blend to help mellow you out and let you achieve deep and restful sleep.”  This sounds like we are ready to dream in colors!

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this dreamy tea a 6 out of 6. Its all natural ingredients will make you feel instantly relaxed and mellow so you can catch some z’s after that much needed self-love. What a way to end your self-pampering day!

House Loafers | Blush / Cinnamon - Dooeys - Women's House Shoes

12. Dooeys Women's Blush Cinnamon House Loafers 

Staying home for Valentine’s day does not mean you have to sacrifice being stylish. Dooeys Women’s Cinnamon House Loafers is our answer to comfort and style while lounging around the house. It is soft and cozy inside supportive insoles, lightweight sneaker style soles are great for hardwood and tile floors, it's easy to slip on and on and did we mention soft and cozy inside? Your feet will absolutely love the feel of this comfy and stylish house loafers!

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this comfy slippers a 6 out of 6. It is made of  premium, plant-based & recycled materials like apple leather, sugarcane soles, recycled plastic lining, recycled polyester suede and cork insoles. Do we need to say more? It's eco-friendly and stylish too! 

1 People Vegas Suede High Heels in Ruby Red - Verte Mode

13.  1 People Vegas Suede High Heels In Ruby Red 

While you are in the midst of this self-pampering and self love, how about doing some shopping to reward yourself for being awesome! Check out 1 People Vegas Suede High Heels in Ruby Red.  It's eco-suede (we love the sound of that!) and it has a recyclable thermo rubber compound for the soles and recyclable plastic heels. Now you are being fashionable while showing love to our planet!

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this Vegas Suede ruby red high heels a 6 out of 6. Its GRS certified Eco-suede - softer than suede and made from post-industrial recycled plastics won our hearts!

Raven + Lily Mulu Crossbody - Wisteria

14. Raven + Lily Mulu Crossbody Bag - Wisteria 

When you are ready to step out after some down time with yourself, how about checking out this cool crossbody bag. It's your ultimate companion for when you step out for errands or stopping at your local cafe or  getting together with friends for dinner. It's casually elegant yet has that subtle sophistication. It is perfect for any occasion! 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Raven+Lily Mulu Crossbody Bag - Wisteria a 6 out of 6. It checks off all the boxes from its sustainability materials and designs- derived from plant or animal fibers and are biodegradable, a Certified B Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. We love that it gives 1% of their sales back to organizations that invest in their communities. 

Easy Sundays Fleece Shorts

15. Easy Sundays Fleece Shorts 

We are all about easy Sundays and relaxing in our favorite shorts while sipping a warm beverage. This fully soft fleece fabric will surely make your self-pampering a luxurious one. It has an adjustable waist drawstring to ensure that perfect fit while lounging around. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Easy Sundays Fleece Shorts a 6 out of 6. This must have soft fluffy shorts is enough to make you not want to leave your couch! 

We have covered all areas of pampering and self-love. From a warm bath to sipping that warm cup of tea or lounging around in the comforts of your home, there’s never a shortage of activities when it comes to loving yourself while loving our planet too! 

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