Switching to a sustainable lifestyle can seem like an intimidating feat. After all, it doesn’t seem like a quick, easy, or inexpensive process. But what if it could be?


Making small changes is a great way to become more sustainable without switching your lifestyle too much, and for far less money than you’d think.


By swapping some of the items you use almost daily, you’ll make a significant impact without really having to try!


Instead of using disposable resealable plastic bags…



 Switch to reusable silicone sealer bags! 

Leave all the wasteful plastic baggies in the past. We've got a solution that will save you money and waste. Silicone Sealers give snacks and leftovers an airtight seal.



Net Zero Silicone Sealer Bags Set 

Instead of using disposable makeup wipes…



  Switch to reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds! 

Wash, use, and repeat: these Bamboo Cotton Rounds are the perfect solution to single-use cotton rounds.

Don’t let pesticides and fertilizers found in traditional cotton pollute your beauty routine! Choose organic bamboo cotton rounds for clean, waste-free self-care.

Net Zero Bamboo Cotton Rounds with Laundry Bag and Travel Pouch 

Instead of plastic straws…



Switch to Stainless Steel Drinking Straws!


Reusable straws are eco-friendly and make it easy for you to be. These straws are made from stainless steel, are BPA-free, and will last a lifetime. Plus, they keep plastic straws out of our landfills!

SWZLE Stainless Steel Bent Drinking Straws 

Instead of using plastic Tupperware…



Switch to stretch and seal silicone lids! 

These eco-friendly covers are perfect for bowls, sturdy and stretchable with a brilliant seal. Grips to wooden bowls, glass bowls, and plastic bowls.

Made from food-safe and sand-derived silicone, these covers are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

Net Zero Stretch & Seal Silicone Lids

With these four simple swaps, you can feel good knowing you’re using products that are better for you, and better for the environment! 

What swaps have you made to start living a more sustainable life?

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