Leaves, Love, & Eco-Friendly Fun: 6 Activities To Do This Fall

Leaves, Love, & Eco-Friendly Fun: 6 Activities To Do This Fall

Fall is truly one of the best times of the year and all for great reasons. Whether you describe it as “spooky season” or  “sweater weather”, there’s an irresistible charm to autumn that captivates us all. As the leaves transform into vibrant colors, and the air turns crisp, it’s an invitation to step outside and embrace the beauty of the season. This fall, let’s elevate our appreciation for the season by incorporating some eco-friendly practices and products with your autumn activities!

We’ve thoughtfully curated a list of fun activities to do this fall that seamlessly incorporate some of our favorite sustainable products, readily available on the Verte Mode site. Every product we feature is carefully selected and vetted to ensure that eco-friendly practices, from production to packaging take top priority. So without further do, here are 6 of our favorite Fall activities to try this fall!   

6 Eco-Friendly Fall Activities To Do With Friends & Families

1. Watch The Sunset 

Gather your besties and head to a scenic spot to witness the breathtaking fall sunset. Cozy up with our Simple Folk Chunky Sweater and witness nature’s light show! 


2. Apple Picking 

Tis the season for apple picking! Spend the day with loved ones and head to your local orchard to harvest some juicy, ripe apples. Don’t forget to bring your camera bag for cute Instagram pics. Our Black Gala Crossbody Camera Bag is perfect for the occasion, crafted from natural apple peel and plant-based materials. 


3. Pumpkin Carving 

Pumpkin Carving parties are the best kinda parties. Let your creativity run wild with your friends and family as you carve jack-o’-lanterns. Try the Me Time Clay Face Mask while you're carving your pumpkin. By the time you're finished, you’ll have glowing soft skin! 


4. Movie Marathon

Twilight, Harry Potter, Scream, just some fall movie classics to name a few. The perfect date night for you and your significant other or invite your friends over for a girls night. Pop some popcorn, gather the snacks and cozy up on the couch with the Awoo Blanket for the ultimate movie marathon!  


5. Football Game

With football season in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity to attend a live football fame or plan your own eco-friendly tailgate party. Our organic Neem Wood Chopping Platter and Serving Spoons are versatile and great for any food dish. 


6. Coffee Walk

Explore the beauty of autumn mornings and evenings with friends or family. Make it an experience with a warm coffee or tea in hand using our Reusable Glass Cup for the perfect on-the-go beverage. 

As you step outside to embrace the beauty of Fall, let’s make it memorable by embracing all the fun fall activities that we can while also being eco-conscious! Together we can cherish the beauty of the season while nurturing our planet. We’ve handpicked each activity to ensure the best time spent family and friends, while also featuring some of our favorite eco-friendly products. For more sustainable tips and products, check out our previous blogs to learn more - Happy Fall! 

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