Reducing Plastic Waste: Practical Tips for a Plastic Free Life

Reducing Plastic Waste: Practical Tips for a Plastic Free Life

Plastic waste is a huge issue around the globe. It is unimaginable how much plastic is in our oceans and filling up our landfills, taking up space in the natural environment. It seems unavoidable, the way our society runs on buying packaged goods: from products to take out. Think of the coffee industry alone with just how many plastic cups they go through. We have the choice, however, to change that. These are some simple ways you can reduce plastic waste and make an impact.

Switch from Plastic to Reusable

This can apply to so many things: bags, straws, water bottles, silverware. The possibilities are endless. Did you know that, “one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute worldwide, while up to five trillion plastic bags are used a year?” That's a whole lot of plastic that can easily be switched out for its reusable counterparts. Doing your part just might make a big difference if you get everyone around you on board. One person can have quite the impact. The fun thing? Reusable items are customizable, come in various colors, and are generally more stylish. It never looked so good to go plastic free.

Buy from Sustainable Businesses Who Steer Clear from Plastic Packaging

There are businesses who opt out of the usual plastic packaging in favor of something more eco-friendly and sustainable. This helps the planet immensely by reducing the amount of plastic we consume. Plastic packaging is a huge issue. It's a part of everything we use, but there are alternatives. Things like seaweed and other alternatives can easily be substituted in place of plastic.

Stop Purchasing Products with Microbeads

Did you know that microbeads slip through water treatment plants and end up in the oceans for organisms to feed on? That’s not healthy at all for all of the life that exists below the ocean’s surface. The above site recommends switching to natural exfoliants rather than microbeads. The switch isn't that big of a change, but it makes a big difference.

Recycle and Buy Recycled Products

Sometimes the simplest and most well known solutions can be the step in the right direction, recycling can make a difference. It gives plastic new life. You can also opt for recycled plastic rather than new plastic.

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