Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts: Sustainable and Guilt-Free Options for Your Loved One

Valentines is around the corner and we can’t help but think about the fun things that we can do with our loved ones or perhaps by ourselves. Gone are the days of having to put pressure on ourselves to have that special someone on valentines day. We can celebrate “love” day everyday with the people we love and we don’t need to just do it on valentines day. But if you choose to celebrate valentines,  how about having an eco-friendly valentines day where we show our love for our planet earth while showing love to the people that are special to us or just loving yourself?  Here at Verte Mode we always find unique ways to help you find that perfect way to celebrate love while loving our planet back and here’s our top 15:


Easy Sundays Fleece Jacket

1. Easy Sundays Fleece Jacket

One can never go wrong with going for a hike or a walk on a sunny crisp day or even a nice evening walk after a nice meal at home. We find that hiking/walking can either be done solo or with someone. It reduces our carbon footprint while enjoying the nature around us.  We invite you to check out these Easy Sundays Fleece Jackets. It's soft and can be worn from the comfort of your couch or wherever you go. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give Easy Sundays Fleece Jacket a 6 out of 6. Its fluffy soft fleece fabric feels great on our skin and keeps you warm while out and about or on your couch. 

SEAAV Recycled Poly Ankle Legging with Pockets

2. SEAAV Recycled Poly Ankle Legging With Pockets

How about pairing those Easy Sundays Fleece with SEAAV Recycled Poly Ankle legging with pockets. It comes in two colors, onyx or blue flora. It's made to fit you effortlessly and moves with you. It also has a high waistline and a supportive waistband so you will never find yourself having to adjust it every few minutes. It comes with pockets so great to store your phone and keys while out for a hike/walk.

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give these leggings a 6 out of 6. It is made of recycled polyester which helps reduce emissions by 75%, water use by 90% and energy use by 50%. The garment is made from at least 80% recycled plastic bottles. The company partners with the Plastic Bank to divert that plastic to collection facilities around the world. They have certification that guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor. They also partner with an organization that supports sustainable packaging. A tree is planted for each package they buy. 

1 People Stockholm Leggings in Sapphire Blue - Verte Mode

3. 1 People Stockholm Leggings In Sapphire Blue

Here’s another leggings that we thought are worth checking out.  It was inspired by urban living and “the curvature of a woman’s body.” They pull on easily and can be worn in the gym, at your yoga session or just going about your daily life. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give these leggings a 6 out of 6. It's made of regenerated nylon, OEKO-TEX certified and it comes in a stylish box made out of recycled paper. 

MHART Pearl Coin Necklace

4. MHART Pearl Coin Necklace

Here’s a gift giving idea for someone special in your life (remember it could be your besties, your sister, brother, mom and even your dad!). It's handmade from fresh water pearls and unisex in style that is perfect on its own or layered with other charm necklaces. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this unisex pearl coin necklace a 6 out of 6. They partnered with Greenspark, a climate change program that allows MHARt to plant a tree or remove one piece of plastic from the ocean for every purchase. It also supports 6 UN Climate Change projects. Now that is what we call a necklace full of planet love!

Paneros Kate Blazer in Cherry Punch - Verte Mode

5. Paneros Kate Blazer In Cherry Punch

While we are on the topic of gift giving ideas for your loved ones, how about giving yourself this cherry punch blazer by Paneros Kate. This versatile blazer can be worn in the office or when you are ready to have some fun times with friends. It’s made from the softest stock Tencel and lined with a lightweight recycled rayon. It's also available in Coconut Milk Cream color. This will certainly make you feel like a boss with a purpose or a stylish friend ready to conquer the world with her besties! 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this blazer a 6 out of 6. It is ethically handcrafted from high-quality sustainable fabrics certified OEKO Tex Standard 100.

Raven + Lily Kamali Double Drop Earrings - Petrified Wood + Amethyst

6. Raven + Lily Kamali Double Drop Earrings - Petrified Wood + Amethyst

Inspired by retro mid-century modern designs, Kamali Double Drop Earrings recall the era’s dramatic low-hanging pendant lights. It makes a great conversation starter, its bold curves certainly catches your eye. It is accentuated with amethyst and petrified wood which makes any outfit look amazing! 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give these double drop earrings with double the beauty a 6 out of 6. The materials used are sustainable by nature, they are derived from plant or animal fibers and they are biodegradable. Raven + Lily Kamali is a Certified B Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. 


Laura Elizabeth Emily Lattice Cuff Bracelet

7. Laura Elizabeth Emily Lattice Cuff Bracelet

 While we are here talking about earrings, how about pairing them with this delicate and unique cuff bracelet that will shine in the sun and catch the eye of everyone passing by you. This amazing piece will certainly give any outfit the WOW effect!  

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating;  We give this stunning cuff bracelet a 6 out of 6. Made from recycled brass, sustainably cast from Los Angeles. It's nickel, cadmium and lead free so rest assured you are wearing something that is not causing any harm to you and the environment. 

Darzah  The Blue Tatreez Apron

8. Darzah The Blue Tatreez Apron - Verte Mode :

For the chefs in your life, how about giving them one of our favorite  kitchen companions that will add style to their cooking routine. It will surely become one of their next favorite kitchen accessories. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating:  We give this beautifully made apron a 6 out of 6. This sustainable apron was crafted and stitched with care by women artisans from the West Bank. Locally sourced materials are used for this authentic and 100% handmade creation. 

Dog History 101 Blanket - Verte Mode

9. Awoo Dog History 101 Blanket - Verte Mode

 We can’t of course forget our furry loved ones during this special day of love so why not give them this snuggly tapestry blanket. Created for both dogs and dog lovers, this blanket is perfect to drape on the bed, hang on the wall, or snuggle with your bff on a lazy Sunday. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this blanket a 6 out of 6. This doggie friendly blanket is woven with cotton and recycled yarns. What a perfect way to be cuddly while giving love to our planet!

Neepa Hut Pot Woven Basket Storage Organizer - Verte Mode

10. Neepa Hut Pot Woven Basket Storage Organizer - Verte Mode-

We always have that special someone in our life that loves to organize. Well then this beautifully designed woven laundry organizer is just the right gift for them. It's an elegant way to transform clutter into decoration. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: This elegant storage is made by artisans from the tribes of Southeast Asia. Each product is handcrafted and made by natural materials. The mission of the company is to promote and preserve the “skills, crafts, and heritage of artisans from areas most affected by natural disasters, poverty, or overdevelopment.” 

Steep & Mellow - "Hippie" Tea Bundle - Verte Mode

11. Steep & Mellow - "Hippie" Tea Bundle - Verte Mode 

For your groovy and hip loved ones, how about giving them this “Hippie” Tea Bundle by Steep and Mellow. The bundle comes with awesome flavors such as the Groove Green Tea, Flow Black Tea and the Dream Chamomile tea.  The funky colorful designs will certainly be a hit too!

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this groovy tea a 6 out of 6. This female-founded company’s mission is to create groovy beverages that protect the earth and promote health and wellness. Now that’s a groove that I can dance to with all my heart.        

Orchid + Ash PACIFIC COAST GOLD TRAVEL TIN CANDLE                        

12. Pacific Coast Gold Travel Tin Guava Pineapple 

If you love to travel and if you have friends or family that love to travel too, we invite you to check out this delicious smelling travel tin candle. Wherever you are in the world, this fresh cut pineapple and juicy guava nectar will surely  bring a ray of sunshine with you!  The cream jojoba butter balances out this fruity scent. It’s an incredibly smelling fresh scent that brightens your entire space. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this ray of sunshine candle a 6 out of 6. Its fragrances are 100% all-natural and ISO 9235 certified, meaning they are derived directly from plants as essential oils and isolates; cruelty free, completely non-toxic and vegan. No synthetics, ever.

Urban Pulse - Green Sky Matcha Detox Clay Mask - Verte Mode

13. Urban Pulse Green Sky Matcha Detox Clay Mask - Verte 

We all get busy and we have those days where all we need is to have some me time to pamper our tired face. The Green Sky Matcha Detox Clay Mask by Urban Impulse will come to the rescue by restoring our beautiful complexion. It has amazing detox and exfoliating properties, this mask removes any impurities and dirt for a bright and clean face. This makes a great gift too for those busy loved ones in your life. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating : We give this amazing matcha detox clay mask a 6 out of 6. The matcha green tea is full of antioxidants to even skin tone and improve skin elasticity. It also reduces acne and inflammation. The green tea extract is rich in Vitamins C and E which reduces signs of aging, revitalizes and protects our skin. It's all full of good stuff for our skin!

Urban Pulse - Day Four Dry Shampoo - Verte Mode

14. Urban Pulse Day Four Dry Shampoo 

For those times you or someone you know are too busy to do a full wash, this natural dry shampoo will be their new bestie and yours too! Their blend of simple, non-toxic ingredients absorbs excess oils, and adds a little volume and texture while strengthening roots. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this awesome dry shampoo a 6 out of 6. It has ingredients such as horsetail that are  known to carry antioxidant properties to stimulate growth,  rosemary and lavender oil known to be anti-inflammatory to promote hair growth and grapefruit oil known to be naturally cleaning and helps in strengthening hair roots. 

FLÎKR FIRE - Almond Base - Verte Mode

15. Flikr Fire Black Base - Verte Mode 

This fantastic personal fireplace safely brings the mesmerizing, peaceful, and fascinating nature flame right in your home. It’s designed to bring you that special warm feeling anywhere. While sipping coffee as you watch the beautiful sunrise, or you need ambiance on date night or when you are camping with your loved ones and marshmallows are in tall order! 

Verte Mode Sustainability Rating: We give this mesmerizing and fascinating personal fireplace a 6 out of 6.  Black soot appears only where the flame touches, minimal carbon monoxide and safe to cook over. The makers spent years “refining, perfecting and shaping raw refractory materials into their imperfect, natural aesthetic.”

So as you think about what is the best gift to give that special someone in your life or a gift to give yourself on valentines, consider giving eco-friendly gifts. It's the gift that keeps giving and you can never go wrong in giving sustainable gifts that protects our planet. 

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