Sustainable Wedding Gifts Eco-Conscious Couples Will Love | Verte Mode

Sustainable Wedding Gifts Eco-Conscious Couples Will Love | Verte Mode

Weddings are always a memorable event, whether that is for the bride and groom or their friends and family. They are the ideal moment for you to show how much you love your newlywed friends and how much you wish them happiness.

One easy way to show them you care is by gifting them a meaningful, high-quality present they will cherish for years - something that will serve them for their new life as husband and wife.  

But if the bride and groom are eco-conscious, or if you simply want to purchase things with a lower environmental footprint, why don’t you choose a well-made, sustainable gift for them?  

You can find an eco-friendly version of almost anything and everything these days! It means that you can easily purchase something that won’t hurt the environment and that you can feel good about gifting to your friends. 

Of course, you cannot go wrong by picking something on the couple’s wedding registry. However, if you prefer to buy something else or an extra present, we have compiled a list of 10 sustainable wedding gifts that eco-conscious couples will love! 


What makes a wedding gift sustainable depends on the item itself, but generally, choose presents made with eco-friendly materials and those that received an eco-certification, such as Fairtrade, GOTS or OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Buy from brands that are known to pay their workers fairly and provide safe and healthy working conditions. A wedding gift is also often sustainable when it is handcrafted, and it should always be high-quality.


Again, the materials will depend on what you are buying, but try to look for natural and biodegradable materials, like linen, hemp, cork or organic cotton

 Recycled ones are another sustainable option since old materials are being upcycled and turned into new products. For instance, you could choose recycled polyester, reclaimed wood or recycled glass. 

 As a general rule, avoid synthetic materials or fabrics when they are not recycled because they are made from oil, which is one of the most polluting industries in the world.  


1. Sustainable Congratulations Gift Basket – Verte Mode

Whatever the occasion is - A New job? New house? New baby? Wedding Gift? This celebratory kit will extend the festivities for a long while, as they pamper themselves. Convey congratulations with this radiant celebratory gift set and be part of their celebration! Trust us, they're gonna love it.

2. Handmade Caged Chain Bandana – Verte Mode

Our caged chain bandana is a unique and stylish accessory. It's handcrafted from high quality stainless steel, so it's designed to last. The caged design is both fashionable and functional, keeping your hair or head scarf in place. Whether you're dressing up for a wedding or night out or just accenting your everyday look, this bandana is a great choice.

 3. Sustainable Crafted Emily Lattice Gold Cuff Bracelet – Verte Mode

Experience the delicate beauty of this unique cuff as it glimmers in the sunlight, effortlessly catching the eye of everyone around you. Not only does it make a stunning accessory, but it also serves as a meaningful gift, perfect for weddings and special occasions.

4. Sustainable Box - Essentials 2023 – Verte Mode

Discover the joy of sustainable living with our box, which includes three mystery items that will surprise and delight you. In addition to these exciting surprises, we have carefully selected a range of essential products to enhance your eco-conscious lifestyle. Each item is thoughtfully chosen by the Verte Mode team, ensuring quality and sustainability.

5. Sustainably Crafted Temple Rug – Verte Mode

Crafted by skilled artisans who are committed to preserving Egyptian cultural heritage, this product represents more than just a beautiful piece of art. By practicing a craft that has been passed down through generations, these artisans are not only earning fair wages but also contributing to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

6. Organic Cotton Kaleidoscope Shibori Throw Pillow – Verte Mode

Our boho tie dyed cushion is a perfect addition to your homes this festive season. Individually hand tie dyed each cushion cover tells the story of our artisans. 100% PURE COTTON. Soft and very comfortable to make you feel relaxed.

7. Sustainable Candle Gift Set – Verte Mode

Embark on a captivating olfactory journey with our Sustainable Candle Gift Set, inspired by the enchanting vineyard and residence nestled in upstate New York. Experience the essence of our home with The Ranch candle, evoking the rich aromas of leather and tobacco that permeate the air. Let the warm and comforting notes transport you to a cozy corner of our residence, creating an ambiance of familiarity and tranquility.

 8. Organic Handmade Neem Wood Serving Spoon – Verte Mode

This dotted serving spoon is made from neem wood, that can be used multi purposely in the kitchen for cooking and on the dining table for serving. Use it for sautéing vegetables, as well as serving salads without scratching the delicate glass salad bowls and non-stick-ware. Beautiful, sturdy, and hand-carved. Non-reactive with food.

9. Upcycled Leather Luxe Cinch Bucket Bag – Verte Mode

We've gone soft. Our beloved bucket bag now comes in a scrumptious, cinch-able silhouette, cut from luxury leftover leathers. Cut from luxury leftover leathers, this balloon bucket bag is has a classic bucket shape with an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can carry it as a shoulder bag or a crossbody. It's perfectly sized to fit all your everyday essentials: a book, tablet and water bottle included


10. Verte Mode Virtual Gift Card

Want to give an eco-friendly gift and create zero waste while doing it? Not sure what to give a fellow earth-lover? Gift cards are delivered right away by email with a code and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and never expire.

As we step towards a more sustainable future, remember that every purchase makes a difference. By opting for eco-friendly and ethical footwear, you're not only stepping out in style, but also taking a stride towards better working conditions, reduced environmental impact, and a more responsible fashion industry. So let's put our best foot forward together and make choices that both look good and do good. Stay tuned for more insights into sustainable fashion, and don't forget to share these remarkable brands with your friends and family. Every step counts in this journey towards a more sustainable future. Thanks for walking this path with us!

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