Nature's Lifelines

Nature's Lifelines: Unveiling the Top 10 Reasons Trees Are Vital for Our Planet's Survival

We know that trees serve many purposes for our planet earth. They create shade for us during sunny days, birds build nests on them and they bloom beautiful flowers for us to enjoy. These are just some of the reasons why planting a tree is good for the environment. Here at Verte Mode , we support sustainable living and our planet earth in many ways. We have compiled the top 10 reasons why planting a tree is not only good for us but for our planet earth too! Below are our top 10 reasons. Happy Planting!

climate change

Tree helps stop climate change

- When we plant trees and those trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, trapping the carbon in the trees and soil, then releasing oxygen into the environment. They are essentially a natural form of carbon capture. 

Trees give us oxygen

- Let’s go back to basic science here. Did you remember learning about photosynthesis? This is the process by which plants or trees make their own food in their leaves. They then give off oxygen and water they are not using. The oxygen they release is what we breathe in. 


Trees & Water


Trees save water -

We all know the importance of water. But did you know that when water enters the soil from their roots, it goes straight up the tree’s trunk all the way to the leaves? Trees can be natural sponges, they collect and filter rainfall and it gets released slowly into streams, rivers and other bodies of water. While we are in the topic of saving water, Verte Mode LYT UV-C Water Purifying Bottle - Kale is a great way to save our planet earth by using this water purifying bottle. It helps eliminate the use of plastic bottles. 


Trees provide food -

This is a no brainer. Trees have produced delicious fruits for us to enjoy. I am sure we all have experienced apple picking during the Fall and baking those delicious apple pies. If you have not tried apple picking, we suggest that you try it! There are many delicious fruits that come from trees that we have enjoyed, so more reasons why planting a tree is essential not just to the earth but us too! If you do love baking, you may want to check out Verte Mode Darzah The Blue Tatreez Apron.


protect from ultraviolet rays

Trees protect us from ultraviolet rays -

They can be our umbrella and for the kids too during those hot summer days. How about packing a picnic basket and having a nice lazy day summer picnic under the coolness of the tree! Here’s another way to protect yourself from the harmful rays, how about these Verte Mode Sparkle In Your Eyes Sunglasses - Pink to bring that extra sparkle to your day!



Trees Provide Wood

- Think warm fireplaces during those cold winter nights. How about those delicious smores over the fire? Thanks to the trees that provide us wood for warmth and those delicious treats. Verte Mode The Simple Folk The Tie-Dye Sweatshirt - Women's - Olive / Sage Tie-Dye is the perfect outfit for those cool nights by the fire!

Trees Conserve Energy-

They can reduce our energy consumption for heating our homes by blocking those cold winter winds. Those bitter cold winter winds can enter our homes through small openings and can carry heat away from the exterior of the building. For our dog loving friends, here’s a blanket that may come handy: Verte Mode Awoo Dog History 101 Blanket 



Trees Provide Shelter and Habitat for Wildlife-

Trees provide shelter for all kinds of wildlife. They are beneath their branches, in between the loose bark where insects hibernate during winter, in various cavities and in spaces beneath their roots. 

Trees Are Teachers and Playmates -

They are our natural playmates, always there ready for us to lean on during a game of hide and seek, writing our journals or sketching our favorite sunset. Verte Mode Easy Sundays Journal Oversized Tote Bag is the perfect companion the next time you find yourself under a tree with your thoughts. 

Seasons Changing

Trees Signals the Changing of the Seasons-

Nothing like seeing those trees change into beautiful golden colors to mark the change of the season. The simple beauty of nature surrounding us is one reason why we support and encourage planting trees! 

Verte Mode is on a mission to save the planet by encouraging sustainable shopping habits and educating people on why sustainability matters. Learn more about our mission here!

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