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World Water Day: The Top 10 Ways to Save Water in Your Home and City

Water Conservation: Why Saving Water is Important - Kay Plumbing

Water is one of our most precious and valuable resources. It sustains all living things and is essential for our survival. There are some parts of the world where people don’t have access to clean water and many have to travel by foot to get to the nearest water source. Some don’t have any water supplies at all because they live in an area where there is constant drought. To celebrate World Water Day, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we can do to save our water supply but more importantly actions that we can take to save our water supply. Here at Verte Mode, we value the importance of water to our planet and we have listed the top 10 things that we can do to sustain our water supply:


Take Shorter Showers

-let’s start with the basics. How about taking shorter showers instead of those long hot showers that we often do after a long day at work or after a hard workout. It will also be helpful if you turn off the water while you are shampooing your hair or while soaping yourself. 


Water saving shower heads or flow restrictors

- consider installing this type of shower heads. They are easy to install so there’s a good chance that you can do it yourself or ask a friend who is handy!  It will reduce your shower flow to about three gallons a minute which is great considering that we usually waste about five to ten gallons of water per shower.



Take Baths -

Baths are not only relaxing and restorative but did you know that a half filled bath uses less water? Now we are talking about saving our water supply while saving our aching body. 


Turn off water while brushing your teeth -

now this is a big one! We are all guilty sometimes of leaving the water on while brushing our teeth. There’s something about leaving it on so we can quickly rinse our teeth. Well, it's not a good idea to leave it running while brushing our teeth. We are wasting about 4 gallons of water if we do this. So why not wet your toothbrush and fill a cup with water to rinse our mouth after brushing our teeth. 

Check faucets and pipes for leaks -

A small drip of water can waste up to 50 gallons a day. So let’s not wait until things get out of hand. Do that monthly maintenance check! 

Use our automatic washing machine only for full loads -

I know that laundry day may not be our most favorite day but when we do laundry, let’s make sure that we load up our machine with all the dirty clothes we accumulated during the week. Avoid doing half in one day and the other half for another day. We can save up to 30-35 gallons per cycle if we do full loads of wash each time we use our automatic washing machine. 

Water your lawn only when it needs it -

This might be a hard request for those people that love to spend time outside and want to constantly water their lawn to keep it lush and green.  Here's a little trick, try stepping on the grass, if it springs back up when you move your foot, it means it does not need water. 

Use a broom to clean driveways, walkways and steps -

I know that one of the easiest ways to clean this part of your house is to hose it down with water. You may want to use a broom instead , especially if it does not really need that extra scrubbing. Did you know that using a hose can waste up to hundreds of hundreds of gallons of water? So take that broom out of the garage closet and let’s start sweeping.

No playing with the hose and sprinklers -

We all know that kids love to play under a hose or sprinklers during those hot scorching summer days. Unfortunately this wastes a lot of water and we will need to discourage this practice. 

Don’t run the hose while washing your car -

Speaking of hot summer days, we sometimes do our own car washing right on our driveway. There’s something about the cold spray of the water hitting our face when we hose down our car. It actually feels refreshing! But it can be very wasteful! Try using soapy water from a bucket to soap your car and only use the hose to rinse it off. 

We hope that our top 10 tips are helpful for you as we celebrate World Water Day. Remember, water is one of our valuable resources. We need to work together to save our water supply so we can have access to these precious resources for a very long time. Happy World Water Day!

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