Top 10 Sustainable Activewear Brands to Support Your Workouts

Top 10 Sustainable Activewear Brands to Support Your Workouts

We all know that exercising is important not just for our body but for our mind and soul.  Verte Mode is a big supporter of keeping our body, mind and soul healthy. We also know that having the right activewear is helpful when we are out there exercising so for our blog this week, we have gathered the 10 best sustainable activewear for you! So without any further delay, here’s what we came up with and happy exercising!

Easy Sundays Recycled UpLift V Bra - Serenity


Easy Sundays UpLift V Bra - Serenity

- We love this buttery soft support bra with removable paddings. The back has that v shaped and thin racerback design that sculpts but also gives you that much needed support. It’s so comfortable that you can lounge around in it all day! You may also want to match this Uplift bra with Easy Sundays leggings and hoodie to complete your activewear. 


Verte Mode Sustainability Review - 6/6

  • Made in small batches in California
  • Free Carbon Neutral Shipping
  • Organic
SEAAV Recycled Poly Ankle Legging with Pockets

SEAAV Recycled Poly Ankle Legging With Pockets

- How about an ankle leggings that effortlessly moves with your body. These on-trend high waistline leggings that have a supportive waistband with extra compressive hold (think no sagging!) makes these leggings a must have for your workout sessions! It also has two large size pockets for your keys and phone if you don’t want to bother with the lockers in the gym. It comes in biker shorts too so that’s another option if you prefer them. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Recycled Materials

  • Sustainable Packaging 

  • Organic

1 People Kathmandu Sleeveless Tank Top in Sapphire Blue - Verte Mode

1 People Kathmandu Sleeveless Tank Top In Sapphire Blue

- This sporty tank-top with matching Kathmandu leggings is designed to give you comfort and confidence while working out. They come in different colors such as Onyx Black, Jasper Brown, and Agate Grey. What are you waiting for? Come check them out and grab a pair or two for your gym sessions. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Recyclable Materials

  • OEKO-TEX® certified

  • Renewable Energy

Resew House High Waist Pocket Re-Legging


Resew House High Waist Pocket Re-Legging

- This high waist pocket, butter soft, quick drying, four-way stretch leggings is a must have. The side pockets are perfect for when you need to store those small items during a workout session. 


Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • MOQ - Minimal Order Quantity (small batch orders)
  • Ethically Made
The Waight - The Highest Rise Sweatpant in Botanical Dye - Verte Mode


Verte Mode The Highest Rise Sweatpant in Botanical Dye

- These sweatpants are tapered at the ankle and cuff for a flattering silhouette. It has fleece lined pockets and a unique bundle dye process is used to create this soft multi-color set. This will sure make you feel comfortable while getting your sweat on!


Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Fair Labor
Conscious Design Studio - Biker Shorts - Verte Mode

CD Studio Organic Cotton High Waisted Biker Shorts

- These shorts can be worn before and after you hit the gym or the trail. It's versatile and fashionable so free to wear it while running errands or out to lunch with friends or family!

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Sustainable Materials
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Eco-friendly dyeing techniques
tri-blend fleece

Threads 4 Thought -

Here’s some thoughts for you to ponder, Threads 4 Thoughts is made of beechwood pulp and a tri-blend fleece from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and rayon. Their ReActive clothing is made from recycled water bottles. This activewear is soft, comfortable and spot on with being eco-friendly!

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Recycled Materials
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Ethical

Groceries Apparel -

Who would have thought that used coffee grounds could be a basic ingredient for activewear? Well you better believe it! Groceries Apparel uses non toxic vegetable dyes too! They have stunning colors so plenty of options for your activewear. 

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Recycled and Organic Fabrics
  • Fair Wages
  • Upcycled Fruit and Vegetables Dyes


Girlfriend Collective -

Girlfriends always make a great companion when it comes to working out or just hanging out. How about you and your girlfriends check out these activewear that are made from recycled polyester fabric from post-consumer plastic bottles and fishing nets. They have recycled 4,482.875 bottles and saved 3,811,434 CO2 emissions. It's hard to believe that these are made from recycled plastic materials because they look just like your traditional sportswear. 


Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Recycled Materials

  • Ethical Manufacturing

  • Certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex

Organic Cotton Heavy Cropped Sweat

Organic Basics -

This sustainable brand makes everything, from leggings, tank tops, yoga pants, sports bra and many more. They use natural, recycled, biodegradable materials to keep our planet green. These activewear are soft, odor controlling and heat-regulating. There is nothing basic about these activewear!

Verte Mode Sustainability Review: 6/6

  • Ethically Sourced
  • Organic
  • Donates Profits to Grassroots Environmental Activists

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