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There are many ways to go shopping without sacrificing fashion and emptying your bank account. When shopping, consumers are now thinking beyond fashion. The words sustainability and reducing carbon footprint comes to mind as well. So how do we combine our love for fashion and our love for our planet? Here at Verte Mode, we are always thinking of various ways to help you make the right decisions. We have come up with 6 tips to shop and update your wardrobe with zero waste products without sacrificing fashion and emptying your bank account.


Thrifting is the new hip way of sustainable shopping. Think vintage and the happiness that envelopes you when you find something that is unique, gorgeous and more importantly fits within your budget. Gone are the days when people thought that thrifting meant you couldn't afford to buy clothes at some big name department store in some big city. Thrifting allows us to reuse and recycle clothes which in turn reduces waste. It's a win-win, you are saving money and saving our planet too!  There are many options available when it comes to thrifting. If you  like to walk into a clothing store and want to feel the joy of touching the fabric and perusing through the clothes rack, Sustainable Jungle has a list of the different thrift stores by state. Now that makes shopping totally a breeze! If  you want to do it in the comfort of your couch, check out Swap. It’s the #1 thrift store for the whole family and they sell name brands too! The other website worth looking into is ThredUp, it's great for those that don’t want to be stuck in the usual fashion rut. For more thrifting tips at your fingertips, head over to Sustainable Jungle.

Hand me downs

Raise your hand when you thought hand me downs meant that you have to now wear what your older siblings wore and that you will never ever be able to get new clothes. Well, we all thought that at some point growing up. Nowadays, hand me downs is like shopping privately in the closet of your siblings, friends and even your mom! Just think, you get to avoid the stress of  driving through awful traffic jams  and reduce your carbon footprint while shopping in the comforts of someone’s closet! It's more environmentally friendly than having to keep buying those manufactured clothes. It also teaches younger generations that material possessions have value. It encourages recycling rather than tossing it out because it's used and “old.”


The one thing that the pandemic taught us is that we all have some hidden talents that we did not know about. We saw people bake some delicious bread, cakes, cookies, the list goes on and on. DIY’s became a household name and a necessity because many of the stores were on lockdown. If we have the ability to sew or make something out of beautiful fabrics, then do it!  Put those talents to good use and help save our planet from unused materials that pile our dump sites. Did we mention that low waste products are also good for your well-being? It does wonders to your self-confidence and you are making a positive impact in the environment.

Buy what you really like and need

This concept may be hard for some people. How can you decide when there are so many beautiful clothes staring right at you when you walk into your favorite  clothing store. First, let’s take a moment to think this through.  Do we really need to buy all these clothes or could we perhaps select a few that we really like and that are versatile so we can use them on many occasions. Only buy items that you know are going to work for you all year round. Don't shell out on an entire summer wardrobe each year when you live in cold and rainy weather – you won't pass the 30 wears test. Instead, spend the bulk of your money on pieces that will see you through more than one season. Verte Mode Platform features High-Quality pieces you can wear for many years to come, their Jeans, T-shirts, classic dresses, timeless coats and jackets will make for a much more sustainable wardrobe.

Swap with Neighbors and Friends

Here’s a fun way to get to get together while going for green and Eco Friendly shopping. Why not host a swap party with neighbors and friends? It's a great way to update your wardrobe and have fun at the same time. If you are not sure where to start, there are many  resources available to help you jump start this party. Real Simple created this handy list on how to host a swap party.

Start With What You Have

All roads lead to your closet. Start with what you already have and perhaps embellish them with a beautiful piece of jewelry. You can always do some layering, see what you have in your closet and pair them with something that you got from the thrift store. Consider buying from local craftspeople and artists to accessorize your existing clothes. You are reducing carbon emissions from shipping and supporting your local business while looking fabulous.  While you are sorting through your clothes in your closet, it might be a good time to organize and make those necessary changes without putting a dent in your wallet. Check out Master Class, you may find this super helpful.

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